10 best Nail colors of 2014


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10 best Nail colors of 2014

Nail polish is one of the most important and necessary accessories for the women for their daily make up wear. The makeup is very important from the point of view of the women to look good and presentable at any situation. The nail polish is the specific gaseous liquid that freezes fast on the nail and to give some elegant appearance. Women are very possessive on the colors of the nail polish as they are very much in favor of putting the nail polish in contrast to the dress but they are also very possessive about the quality of the nail polish as the bad quality can damage the nail and fade out the original color. Expensive nail polish made of special care that can protect your nails from the chemicals.

Name of top ten nail polish brands all over the world:

  1. Wet n Wild Rock Solid Nail Lacquer: it is one of the most popular nail polish brands all over the world and has gained success in the market. The price is high but it provides one of the best deals. You can have this nail polish around $2.99. People say it dries super-fast which is the most important factor for the nail polish and provide true color on the nails.10-best-Nail-colors-of-2014-makupera
  2. Avon Nail wears Nail Enamel: this is one of the most famous nail polish brands all over the world and poses a good global market. The best feature provided by this nail polish brand is that it does not come off in water and stays for long. It is long lasting. Customer’s feedback says this nail polish stays up to 10 days. $3.49 is the average price of this brand.10-best-Nail-colors-of-2014-makupera2
  3.  Maybelline New York Express: it is said that this nail polish is the 60 second nail color. It dries up quickly and provides the best of attire. The variety of colors is available. The average price of this brand is $3.99.10-best-Nail-colors-of-2014-makupera3
  4. Revlon Nail Enamel: These brand posses the first choice in the list for many women all around the world as it is capable of producing some quality ranger of colors with effective extra added features. The average price of the brand is $4.49.
  5. Cover Girl CG Boundless Color Nail Polish: this brand is highly capable of mind dazzling bright color shades that might glitter your eyes. This one of the best and frontline choice for the teenagers. The average price of the brand is $4.10-best-Nail-colors-of-2014-makupera5
  6. Lippmann Collection Nail Lacquer: the finest brush design allows you to apply this nail polish thinly and the demand is for that feature is very high to this brand name. The average price is $15.10-best-Nail-colors-of-2014-makupera6
  7. Essie Nail Polish: it is highly capable of producing high color ranges and it is very easy to apply that the school students found it very interesting and others as well. A specific demand lies of this brand in the young group. The average price of the brand is $8.
  8. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Vinyl Stars: it is another very trustworthy and highly popular brand that ensures the quick dry within 60 seconds. The color variety is also provided by the brand that makes it special and competitive with the other brands. The average price is$1.99.10-best-Nail-colors-of-2014-makupera8
  9. OPI Nail Lacquer Classics: this brand is not going to stay far behind in the popularity graph. The smooth and vibrant color of this brand makes it real special. The average price is $5.99.10-best-Nail-colors-of-2014-makupera9
  10. China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners: this one of the most famous brands of nail polish that produces beautiful color shades. The nail polish might make you real special and exclusive. The average price for this brand is $5.10-best-Nail-colors-of-2014-makupera10
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