15 Makeup tips for beginners


15 Makeup tips for beginners

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As a beginner in makeup, women often have a lot of doubts as to how to go about doing makeup. Do not worry; we are here to help to tell you which colors might suit you the best and how to do proper base makeup.

Prepare your skin for makeup

Your skin should be squeaky clean before you start with any kind of makeup. Wash your face with a foaming face wash to remove all the dirt and greasiness. Use a mild scrub to get rid of superficial tan buildup and dead skin cells. Pat dry and use a facial mist or spray like coconut water or Rose water to infuse some additional moisture into your skin.

Follow with any acne treatments that you might be using over the acne spots so that your acne does not get worse. Lastly, apply a water based lotion over your face to get hydrated surface for an even application of makeup. 

15 Makeup tips for beginners

15 Makeup tips for beginners

Prepare your makeup base

  • The most important part of any makeup look is a non patchy and illuminant makeup base. Matte base looks artificial so, always go for a dewy makeup.
  • If you are a beginner in makeup, try using BB Sticks and creams instead of traditional foundations and concealers. Usually, BB creams in two or three shades. Pick the one that is closest to your natural skin shade. Do not pick products lighter than your skin tone.
  • You can also mix a dark and light BB cream to form a shade perfect for you. As a beginner in makeup, you would find BB creams much easier to blend to get an even makeup base since they are much light textured as Compared to foundations. Another advantage is that they have inbuilt sunscreen and moisturizer. So, oily skinned ladies can actually skip a lotion beneath a BB cream. Also, these look very natural just like second skin and do not make your original complexion, look altered
15 Makeup tips for beginners

15 Makeup tips for beginners


Prevent makeup meltdowns

  • Before applying BB cream, apply a primer. These are usually available as gels and they make the skin surface really smooth. Primer forms a separation between your makeup and your skin and helps to protect your skin as well as help your makeup stay longer.
  • Secondly, after you are done with your BB cream set it using a loose powder or pressed compact powder.
15 Makeup tips for beginners

15 Makeup tips for beginners

Eye makeup tips

  • Initially, stick to basic and neutral shades of eye shadows like Browns and Beiges which look natural.
  • Chances are, as a beginner in makeup, you might not have a steafy hand with liquid eyeliners. So, it is better to go for pen style eyeliners to line your lids which allow a firm grip and neat application. These are also smudge free.
  • If you have small eyes, avoid using kajals.
15 Makeup tips for beginners

15 Makeup tips for beginners

Lip makeup tips

  • Moisturize your lips and let them plump up for a couple of minutes before using lip colours.
  • You should pick shades that are neither too loud nor too mute. For example, Do not pick a bright Orange or Fuchsia Pink in the very first go. Also avoid nude lip shades. Go for neutral shades like Coral Pinks, Soft Browns and earthy Oranges.
  • After one coat, press a tissue paper between your lips to remove excess. Apply a second coat and press a tissue between your lips again.
  • Set your lipstick By keeping a tissue lightly over your lips and dusting with a translucent powder, lightly.
15 Makeup tips for beginners

15 Makeup tips for beginners

Cheek makeup

  • The highest part of your cheeks is cheek bone. Apply blush using a fluffy brush in a upwards and outwards direction.
  • Build the saturation of colour gradually. Do not take too much in one go.
    15 Makeup tips for beginners

    15 Makeup tips for beginners

  • So, my lovely ladies. These are pretty much all the makeup tricks you need to know about makeup for beginners. Follow these tips for an even looking and balanced makeup that would enhance your look without making you appear artificial.

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