18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know


18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

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In this post I am going to share with you all a few beauty hacks that every female should know. They are surprisingly easy and very helpful. Also if you have any other tip to share we would be glad to hear that from you in the comment box below. So before we get started do check out this recent post on beauty and skin benefits of glycerin.

1. No more waiting for your nail paint to dry. Simply fill a bowl with water and ice and dip your freshly painted nails in the bowl. The nail paint will dry instantly.

2. Heat the eye lash curler a bit with the help of a hair dryer to get perfectly curved eye lashes.

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

3. While applying mascara hold a business card behind the lash so as to get a clean application without spoiling the eye shadow and also to get a précised mascara line.

4. To hide tired looking eyes, use a white eye liner on your waterline. It will instantly brighten the eyes.

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5. If you feel your mascara is drying up in the wand or is becoming clumpy and thick, add a few drops of contact lens solution to the wand to make the formula liquid.

6. To make a lipstick look more matte and last longer, dab a little lose powder on a tissue after placing it on the lips. The lipstick will stay considerably longer this way.

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know


7. Apply Vaseline on the feet and wear socks in the night. Let it overnight and wake up to baby soft feet the next morning.

8. Spray a little hair spray or dry shampoo on the bobby pins before using them. This way you will get a firmer and better hold of hair with these bobby pins.

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9. Make the perfume long lasting by spraying it on pulse points like behind the ears, wrist, inside the elbows. Also spray a little on your hair to smell heavenly when you hug people.

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

11. Dilute mild soap in warm water in a tumbler and clean your brushes in it to get bacteria free brushes.

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12. Apply your glitter nail paint on your simple black bobby pins to give them a trendier look.

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

14. Apply glitter nail polish over chipped nail paint to hide the chipping.

15. Dry your hair with a t-shirt to end up with manageable and less frizzy hair. Towels tend to rob the hair of the moisture whereas t-shirt will absorb less water and keep the hair wet and moisturized.

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

18 Beauty Tips That All Women Must know

17. Ladies with oily skin should use a mattifying gel moisturizer and dump the cream moisturizers.

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18. After applying the moisturizer and before applying foundation, spray a little rose water on the face to lock in moisture and give an easy application for the foundation.

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