Top 10 Bharat and Dorris products available in India


Top 10 Bharat and Dorris products available in India

Hello ladies!

I am back with another post. A lot of you may be aware that the popular makeup artist duo (Bharat & Dorris) recently launched their own cosmetic line. So I thought why not compile the top 10 product list of this brand for you guys.

Bharat & Dorris Cream Eyeliner

5 g for 500 INR

I have heard so much about the B & D cream eyeliner that I couldn’t help but list it 1st. This product is called eyeliner but it can also be worn as an eye shadow. Also the customer gets a wide range of 16 shades to choose from.

Bharat & Dorris Eye Kohl Pencil

350 INR

Kohl kajals are a must have for all the ladies. This B & D kohl pencil comes with a smudger at one end. The texture is super soft and glides very easily. The color is an intense black and the formula is smudge proof. Overall this is a decent kohl pencil to try.

Bharat & Dorris Loose Powder

12 g for 550 INR

I have tried this one myself and trust me when I say that B & D loose powder is one of the best loose powders available in India. It promises to impart a natural, healthy and oil-free glow to the face. This is an absolute must try for ladies with oily skin.

Bharat & Dorris Volumizing Lash Conditioner

350 INR

Now this is a unique product to try. I am not aware of a similar product available in India. This is like an eyelash primer. It has to be applied before applying mascara to enhance the mascaras performance. However this can also be used individually to lengthen the lashes.

Bharat & Dorris T-Zone Mattifier

20 g for 550 INR

Another fancy product from the B & D range available in India is the T-zone mattifier. All the oily and combination skinned ladies will swear by this product. This mattifier comes in a powder cream form that controls oil and shine.

Bharat & Dorris Creamy Lipstick

3.8 g for 350 INR

This creamy lipstick is another great affordable product available in India by Bharat & Dorris. The lipstick has a limited shade options but their formula is creamy and moisturizing. However these lipsticks are not complete matte.

Bharat & Dorris Liquid Foundation

30 ml for 600 INR

Another great product from Bharat and Dorris available in India is the liquid foundation. This product is pretty affordable. There are seven shades to choose from so one is sure to find the match. The foundation comes in a bulky glass bottle with a pump mechanism on top for disposal of product.

Bharat & Dorris Cheek Highlighter

5.2 g for 650 INR

I am not a fan of highlighters but I have heard a lot of good things about this one. This is a powder highlighter which delivers a nice sheen to the skin. It may sound a bit pricey but it’s completely worth it.

Bharat & Dorris Blusher

5.2 g for 450 INR

A blush is an essential product for every female. Natural looking blushed cheeks are a dream. This blush from B&D blends very well and comes across as well pigmented.  Comes in 8 shades which is a cherry on the cake.

Bharat & Dorris Lip Balm

5 g for 350 INR

This B&D lip balm comes in a tub packaging. There are shade options available in this one too. This balm deep conditions the lips and gives a nice tint of color to them. So ladies looking forward to a no makeup look can rely on this one.





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