5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea


5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

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Green tea is probably one of the healthiest and the most beneficial beverage available today. Filed with loads of anti-oxidants and powerful nutrients, they provide enormous benefits to our body. A lot of research has shown that green tea actually has more antioxidant properties than any other power packed Vitamins.Green tea is naturally packed with rich antioxidants that help out our body by protecting it from free radicals. Radicals are naturally occurring particles in our body which accelerates ageing and an increases risk of several major diseases. Drinking green tea daily promotes good health and makes you look youthful.

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Green tea are available in loose leaves or in tea bags. They have become a major hit among celebrities and fitness gurus ever since its wonderful qualities had been found out.

Here are the top 5 benefits of drink green tea:

Helps in Weight Loss

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

This wonderful tea is more than just a fragrant liquid. Green tea helps raise the body’s metabolism rate and speeds up fat oxidation. So drinking green tea daily can actually help you shed some extra weight. It goes into our blood and flushes toxins out of your bodies. It also helps reduce excess water retention, which can make our body look quite bulky. Green tea does a wondrous job in removing fat especially in the abdominal region. Study has proved that there was a significant decrease in body fat around the waist line and abdomen in a person who drank green tea regularly.

Improves Physical Performance

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea


The anti-oxidants present in green tea helps boost metabolism and removes the free radicles which make the blood flow in the body easier and smooth. Since blood flow is good, the cells can carry more oxygen into the body which automatically improves physical performance in a body by mobilizing the fatty acids in the fat tissues and use them as energy. This gives us energy to do more and makes us more energized. When body is happy and fit, so are you!

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Helps Keep Your Teeth Healthy

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

This ‘super drink’ helps kill all the bacteria in our mouth, lowering the risk of infections and helps improve dental health. Plaque formation leads to decay and cavities butCatechins in green tea helps remove plaque and prevents its formation. This refreshing drink not only does the above but also helps reduce bad breath, promoting a fresh, clean mouth.

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Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Packed full of powerful antioxidants like polyphenol antioxidants, green tea helps prevent diseases, ageing and blood pressure. Drinking 3-4 cups of green tea a day helps promote a heathy heart and cardiovascular health. The soothing drink helps relax blood vessels and helps prevent and protects against blood clots. A free blood passage allows continuous and consistent oxygen flow to all the vital organs in the body. Green tea also helps reduce stress, tension and depression which are also one of the major reasons for blood pressure.

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Wonderful Skincare Properties

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

5 Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Anti-oxidants in green tea helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. It goes deep into the blood vessels and detoxifies it making the skin look youthful and healthy. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of green tea helps in removing the puffiness and tiredness from our face and gives it a fresh glow.

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Here were the top 5 benefits of drinking green tea. Rush to your nearest store and grab a pack of green tea back and help your body heal from within. Best results are seen when you drink 34 cups of green tea every day, consistently.

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