5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster


5 golden ways to lose weight faster

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Coming to the post today, this one is a very interesting topic. We all sometime or the other have searched ways to lose weight faster. However what we forget is that ‘No pain, no gain’. Shedding those extra pounds of weight is not an overnight ting. It takes dedication, sincerity and regularity to lose weight. Don’t just excuse yourself that dish with extra cheese just because it’s your cheat meal. Our body language speaks more than our words do. It reflects our lifestyle and living. So in order to be judged positively one must start staying fit. Below I am prescribing a few ways that will make your weight loss journey easier.

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Drink plenty of liquid

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster

It’s proven that drinking plenty of water accelerates weight loss. It’s very important to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. Water helps the body to flush off the waste and toxins gradually releasing fat cells. Water keeps you feeling full ultimately reducing the portion of food you eat. Try detox water to add spice to the whole water drinking drama. Detox water is interesting and tasty ways to help body get rid of toxins. Avoid sugary liquids. Ditch the morning tea and coffee for green tea. Such small changes will help you lose weight faster and effectively.

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Get good night’s sleep

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster


Sleep may be the last thing on your mind when losing weight. But it’s important to pay attention to your sleeping habits. Being sleep deprived will cause slow metabolism and you cannot afford that on your weight loss journey. Lack of sleep is also proved to secrete hunger hormones and munching on high-carb snacks in the night will only hinder your weight loss. So get enough of sound sleep each night. On average adults require at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Make sure your body gets it and wakes up fresh.

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Be involved in physical activities

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster

Whether you go to the gym everyday or not, make sure that your body in involved in physical activities like walking during the day. Little changes can make a get difference. Walk down the lane to buy groceries instead of driving yourself there. Take stairs instead of lift. Involve in yoga in the morning or whenever you have some time. Go for an evening walk in the garden. Walk your children to their school bus or to the school if it’s nearby. Park your vehicle a little away from the store and walk the distance. Such little steps will take you forward in your weight loss journey.

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Watch your calories

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster

Consuming those extra calories is easy but burning them will be very tough. Every time you are about to eat that extra piece of cake remind yourself how tough it was to burn calories on the treadmill. Look out for the everyday calorie that you consume. Involve in low-calorie food. Choose food rich in carbohydrates and proteins for the breakfast to keep you feeling full. Remember every extra calorie that you consume will slow your weight loss. You don’t want that, do you?

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Do not skip meals

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster

5 Golden Ways to Lose Weight Faster

While most of us think that skipping a meal will help you lose weight, it’s not true. It will rather end up in more fat. The metabolism of the body will slow down if you are food deprived and the body will go under starvation mode hence storing fats more than it usually does. Instead of skipping meals you should adopt small portion of meals every few hours. Make friends with green vegetables. Eat right and stay healthy.

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So now that you know the golden rules apply them right away and achieve your weight loss goals earlier.

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