ADS Nail Polish Remover Reviews


ADS nail polish remover Reviews

HI guys hope you are doing well… So today I am going to review ADS nail polish remover.ADS is a well known Chinese brand. Recently i did some online shopping on alieexpress and just to round of the figure I ordered some products of VOV and ADS. Also these products are available on snapdeal and some other Indian e commerce sites. So read on to know is this product worth a buy.

ADS Nail Polish Remover

ADS Nail Polish Remover

Product Description of ADS nail polish remover

It is taken from pure crude raw material. With plant essential, non sensitive, none hurt for the nail. It can clean nails perfectly and protect the nail. After using it, the nails will be very healthy and shining

PS: my grammar is not bad, i have just written exactly what was written on the product  😛

Direction for Use

This nail polish remover comes in small pads format so all you have to do is rub it on your nail. It is to be used the same way you will use your cotton pads which are dipped in acetone (liquid nail polish remover).

ADS Nail Polish Remover

ADS Nail Polish Remover


Shelf Life

Three years from the date of manufacturing

Price & Quantity

It contains 32 pcs inside and is for INR 80

Skin Type

No specific skin type mentioned


This nail polish remover comes in a round, green color plastic case. It has a screw on cap. Also the size is quite small so it will easily fit in a handbag or a small clutch. Inside, there are small wet fabric pads, which are also round in shape. In all the packaging is quite decent, that is it is travel friendly and the cap shuts tightly


Coming to the texture of this pads, don’t know what are they like exactly. But i am guessing they are very thin strips of cotton. The texture is not wet at all, when you glide it over your nails it’s like oily.

ADS Nail Polish Remover

ADS Nail Polish Remover

Key Ingredients

List of key ingredients is not mentioned anywhere on the box.

Pros of ADS nail polish remover

  • Quite affordable
  • Moisturises the cuticles
  • One pad is enough for both hands
  • Effectively removes nail paint
  • Very mildly scented

Cons of ADS nail polish remover

  • I can’t think of any apart from the fact that availability can be an issue for some
ADS Nail Polish Remover

ADS Nail Polish Remover

My Experience with ADS nail polish remover

I am literally a nail polish addict. So having a perfect nail polish remover is a must for me. According to me a perfect nail polish remover is the one which removes nail polish effectively and does not make my nails brittle, rough or dry. Previously I was using the colorbar one, but as i have a habit of changing my nail colour mostly after every three day, I ran out of it pretty quickly, also it was too pricey. Since then i was looking for an affordable and effective nail polish remover and ADS is the perfect. It removes my nail colour completely in just two swipes. Also as it has some kind of oily base, it moisturises my cuticles too. I was a little sceptical at first before using it, considering the face that it was a Chinese brand but trust me it has no side effects at all, atleast not on my nails.

Rating for ADS nail polish remover


Whether I would recommend ADS nail polish remover

Yes definitely. If availability is not an issue for you, then you should definitely buy this. Also the quantity will last you long, so the price is quite affordable. Next time i am surely going to order these in bulk 😀


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    Is 1 tissue enough for hand nails?

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