All good scents Lolette Eau De Parfum for women Reviews


All good scents Lolette Eau De Parfum for women

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How is your day moving so far? Mine just got better. Guess what I received in mail today? A perfume that every lady deserves. All good scents were just too generous to send me this amazing fragrance in full size. Thank you for making my day. Online shopping is way too convenient isn’t it? But only if you find what you needed. Well, one must get suspicious of buying a fragrance online just by seeing its notes, for you never know if it will suit your taste for fragrances or not, right? Don’t worry. I’m writing this review for everybody like you would want to make a purchase but is unsure if this will be a right pick or not. So read on if Lolette is your kind of smell or not.

Lolette Eau De Parfum for women

Lolette Eau De Parfum for women

Product description:

Revel in a sensual and dainty aura as you celebrate with this floral bouquet. Enjoy this mischievous sparkle that will follow you; leaving many yearning for more.

Product name:

Lolette- Tease your naughty, with a spray of our nice.

Lolette Eau De Parfum for women

Lolette Eau De Parfum for women


Product price and quantity:

INR 1200 for 50 ml

Shelf life:

5 years


Top Notes: Coconut, Plum, Apricot
Heart Notes: Tuberose, Pimento, Jasmine Sambac
Base Notes: Vanilla, Rose, Jacaranda Wood

Lolette Eau De Parfum for women

Lolette Eau De Parfum for women


“Oh! That’s so pretty” was my very first reaction on unpacking the parcel. Lolette’s packaging has such a feminine touch to it. The color they selected for the bottle looks so royal. The fragrance comes stored in a matte deep purple bottle which is sleek, sturdy and classy. Since it is a glass bottle, I would avoid carrying it on my vacations; after all I don’t want to spill the entire content in my bag. Overall, the packaging department has done a good job.

Lolette Eau De Parfum for women

Lolette Eau De Parfum for women

My take on All good scents Lolette Eau De Parfum for women:

Well, I personally feel that the top notes are way too strong for me. They are nice but strong and overpowering. Of all the top notes, I found coconut to be the most evident. The top notes can be sensed for some 15-20 minutes after which the heart notes start to suppress the top notes and the fragrance goes mild from strong.

The perfume smells very mild during the heart note. What I find best about this perfume is, although it is strong, it doesn’t give headache to the wearer or the smeller. Coming to the base notes, I love them. They are such sweet smelling notes that it gives a nice feminine touch to the smell. Vanilla and rose both are my favorite notes and I’m glad they are in the base notes, so I can smell them for longer hours.

Talking of the stay power, this perfume stays for 4-5 hours on me. Since it has strong notes, I prefer wearing it on occasions than for everyday wear. I prefer milder perfumes for everyday use.

Overall, Lolette has a complex mix of fruity, flowery, musky and woody fragrance all in one. It will be best suited for strong headed females and the confident ones to create an impact wherever they go.

You can buy this amazing fragrance on ALLGOODSCENTS . Surf through their entire collection and do let me know which do you think will suit your liking the best.

Until next time, stay healthy and smell heavenly.


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    Hey! Thank you for this review. It’s my mothers birthday in 2 weeks and I would like to gift her a perfume but I fear that she wouldn’t like this notes. However, can you please review TENDER and LOVE & JOY from their range? It will be of great help.

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