aloe vera and vitamin e nmf skin cream


Aloe Vera and Vitamin E NMF Skin cream for dry skin

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Skin is one of the vital sense organs in human body. Nature and quality of skin varies from person to person. As some possess oily skin while other one possess dry skin. Dry skin problems cause skin whitening and sometimes result in skin irritation. Thus, use of moisturizer is quite important for every one having dry skin.

I too have dry skin and have tried several moisturizers but not a single product appeared to me as having long lasting impact. Recently I have come across a product named NMF skin lotion. It is considered to be one of the best moisturizing lotions available in the market manufactured by Palson Derma (Kolkata).


What does the product Claim?

NMF skin lotion is made up of all naturally occurring components. It is rich in Aloe Vera and vitamin E which have got medical significances for smooth and glossy skin. Most importantly, it is suitable for all kinds of skin and thus anyone can use it without any hesitation. It performs three important functions for your skin as it protects your skin, moisturizes it and gradually nourishes from within. The principal component in the product is Aloe Vera, which helps in enhancing blood circulation in the epidermis, and thereby ensures skin nutrition.

In addition to that, Aloe Vera has got an anti-inflammatory property which helps in getting relief from skin irritation associated with skin dryness. Vitamin E present in the product keeps skin healthy and integrated. Vitamin E also has other medical significances by healing from sunburn, burn and skin irritation.  Further the anti-oxidizing property of Vitamin E protects skin. You can apply the lotion twice on a daily basis on the affected area. It is recommended to use after bath or wash for better results.



  • Extract of Aloe Vera – 10% w/w
  • Vitamin E – 0.5% w/w
  • Light liquid Paraffin
  • Glycerin
  • Stearic acid
  • Fragrance
  • Monstearate
  • Cetostearyl etc.

The above ingredients are added in water emulsifier along with moisturizing oil.



  • The lotion being made up of naturally occurring ingredients like Aloe Vera does not cause any side effect on skin as otherwise may result due to chemical exposure.
  • It acts as a great skin moisturizer and also nourishes the skin pigments from within.
  • It is suitable for all skin types and thus everyone can use it without thinking twice.
  • It gives moisturizing action on skin even in dry seasons like winter.
  • The product gets easily absorbed in skin and does not cause stickiness and over whitening of skin.
  • Vitamin E present in the product relieves from skin irritation which is quite a common event of dry skin.
  •  The product is also popular among people due to its widespread availability. It is available easily in any medical shop.
  • The price of the product is quite reasonable.aloe-vera-and-vitamin-e-nmf-skin-cream4


  •  The product being rich in moisturizer and thus cannot be applied on oily skin during hot summer days.
  • The product has got no sun protection formula.
  • It is not available online at any beauty outlet.aloe-vera-and-vitamin-e-nmf-skin-cream5

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