Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250


Review: ‘ Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250 ’

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Many people these days prefer shower gel over soaps for several reasons. It causes less irritation on skin and does not leave any mineral residue on the skin and the bathtub after use like some soap do. But it is important that you use a good product. There are lots of shower gel brands available on the market but it is better to avoid using just any brand. Some of them can contain harsh ingredients like paraben that are not suitable for your skin. It is important that you choose a quality product. One such product is the ‘Shower Gel sea minerals 250’ from Apollo pharmacy; one of India’s most reputed pharmaceutical companies.  From the experience of using it myself I can say it is a great choice.

Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250

Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250

Description of product

Delicate cleansers and natural moisturizing elements will give your skin long lasting freshness and softness. This great skin smoothing shower gel has been made by striking a perfect balance of useful sea minerals and nourishing skin friendly plant extracts. With regular use the gel will rejuvenate, moisturize and gently exfoliate your skin.  Your clean skin will also be smooth and toned. It also comes with a refreshing non allergic scent that indulges your senses. It has been tested for allergies and cleared by dermatologists. Those who have sensitive skin can also use it without having to worry about side effects.  It is free from paraben and has a biodegradable formula. It comes in a smart plastic container that can be carried easily. The price is also very affordable.

Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250

Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250


Aqua (water), Laureth / Lauryl Sulfate (from different minerals), sea salt and sea water, select minerals collected from the ocean.

How to use?

In the shower:  Pump a decent amount of gel into a wet loo-fa or washcloth. Then work the gel into a rich, indulgent lather and rinse thoroughly.  In the bathtub:  Dispense the gel into the running water for a nourishing soak.

Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250

Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250


User verdict

Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250

Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250


While it is difficult to pick the right shower gel amid-st so many similar products all claiming to be great for the skin, once I began using the ‘ Apollo Pharmacy Shower Gel sea minerals 250 ’ I knew  I have made a correct decision. Some shower gels are not really suitable for using in summer or during humid weather. But the Apollo Pharmacy product does not pose any such problem. It is perfect for everyday use. Some gels will make your skin dry if you use them on a regular basis. But this product comes with natural plant extracts that moisture the skin to keep it soft.


The fragrance is mild yet attractive so there is no chance of any allergic reactions or uneasiness for the user. I personally loved the fragrance and it helped me to feel refreshed for a period of time. Unlike ordinary gels, it does not clean only the surface of the skin but it cleanses from deep within. As a result, my skin stays rejuvenated for a long time. It is suitable for both men and women. It also lathers well even with little water. A little amount is enough for one good shower.

The smart container can be easily carried around. Due to its simple design there is no chance of the gel getting leaked unlike the containers with pump handles. It does not have any major cons so it can easily recommend to others.

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