Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended Oil Review


Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil Review

Hello Gorgeous ladies,

There was a rage sometime back about essential oils. You tube gurus, all the bloggers were raving about the use of essential oils in multiple ways.  This gradually became the “Must have” in your skin care regimen. Beauty gurus were raving that these essential oils can be used both by dry skinned as well as oily skinned beauties.

Now, i am blessed with dry skin but i hate that oily chip-chip feeling even on my face and body. Yes, my body crave for moisturization but even then oils are a strict no-no for me. But with this trending new rage i thought of why not pamper my skin with these latest rages.

I have also reviewed Aroma Magic lavender oil which is another essential oil in the market. Go check that post.

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Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil

Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil

Product Description –

  • Aromatherapy Stimulate Oil combats hair loss & encourage fresh hair growth.
  • Helps to remove infection in hair follicles, stimulates hair follicles and increases blood circulation to prevent hair loss.
  • Promotes hair growth.


Rs. 180 for 15ml.

Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil

Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil


Shelf life:

3 years from the date of packaging

Directions for use:

Put some drops of oil in your night cream. You can also put some drops of oil in your regular hair oil. Don’t use the stimulate oil directly, just put some drops on any other skin care regimen. You can even dip cotton in the oil and apply on your cuticles.


The Aroma Magic oil comes in a small glass bottle, the bottle is made up of thick glass which will easily break down if falls or slips from hand. And since its oil it is bound to be slippery after some time, so take care.

The bottle has complete details inscribed on it. The oil properties, directions, ingredients and other claims are mentioned on the bottle. I must say the bottle is quite descriptive and extremely informational.

Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil

Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil


The aroma magic stimulate oil is a clean transparent oil. It of course has a fragrance which is completely unrecognisable for me. The oil smells heavily of aromas. The fragrance is extremely relaxing and soothing to nerves. So, the oil will definitely calm the nerves.


Pure Essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood & Rosemary .

Pros of Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil

  1. Trustworthy brand
  2. Affordable price
  3. Soothing fragrance
  4. Can be used in multiple ways
  5. Informational packaging
  6. Both dry and oily skinned ladies can use it
  7. Quantity good for price
  8. Convenient to use packaging
  9. Impressive ingredients list

Cons of Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil-

  1. Takes time to show effects
  2. Does not provide nourishment to hair or skin
  3. Result might vary from person to person
Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil

Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil

My experience with Aroma Magic Stimulate Blended oil

I used this stimulate oil in multiple ways. I have used it on skin and hair both. i dip a ball of cotton on the bottle and then applied the cotton on the scalp directly. This is a sure shot remedy for the dandruff. The scalp cools and the irritation subsides making the scalp completely clean and healthy. I also put some drops of oil in my regular hair oil. This strengthened my roots thus reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. Once when you don’t have dandruff and your scalp is clean and healthy, your hair fall will gradually reduce.

Other way i used this oil on my skin was i put some drops (Approx. – 5-6) in my night cream. Now, apply the night cream as usual. This will prevent acnes and pimples on your face. With regular usage, the oil keeps the face completely clean.

Rating –


Whether i would recommend this product to others –

Of course, for me this product is a must try for everybody. Even if it doesn’t works for you at this low price it is worth a steal.


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