Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum


How to Make Your Hair Look Lustrous With Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum (SPF-15)?

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Do you remember the story of O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi where the heroine Della had a long cascade of hair and she used to love her hair more anything? Still today, I remember this part of the story very clearly because of the similes that were being applied is still stuck in my memories.

Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum

Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum

Gone are those days when we used to oil up regularly and now my sister use nourishing cream. But trust me guys, days passed and ways changed. That day, I was stuck with my boring fizzy hair and running late for evening show, looking for a solution, my sister gave me this bottle of Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum (SPF-15). I just applied some drops, OMG I was so happy with the result. I relived the line from my memories again.

Product Name: Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum (SPF-15)

Size: 30ml

Product claims: It is spa serum that will condition your hair and add a shine to it. Not only that the aromatic oils that are applied on your hair will help it to regain the lost charm in it. In fact it will certainly help you in making it grow and glow at the same time. It simply rejuvenate your hair and the nutrients that the essential oils producing. I think if anyone would like to have spa on hair then one can mix the spa cream with it. It will give her some extra benefit which is required for a long lasting effect. With every washes and reapplication of this serum one can simply get a long lasting benefit out of it. The most important factor is saving time for one and avoiding the extra parlor cost.

Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum

Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum

How to use it:

Simply open the cap and it is having a pump, just spray it 2 to 3 times. Now you can use it after every bath which will give you an awesome result or when want to detangle your hair you can put some which will make it smoother, softer and long lasting glow. The main rationale behind the whole thing is to make your hair beautiful at the same time perfect.

Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum

Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum


Why will you use it?

There are some of the factors like hair is one which can make you feel good. In fact, doing spa regularly is not so possible but the usage of a serum is mandatory from every way. This will give you long lasting effect.


All aromatic constituents are being used here.


It is a plastic container and with a pump on the top. The main problem is that it’s very hard it to take somewhere else as in the bag the cap may open up suddenly.

Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum

Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum


  1. Add glow to your hair
  2. Add moisture and volume to it
  3. Make your hair rejuvenate
  4. Very reasonable


  1. Not available anywhere
  2. Very hard to find
  3. No ingredients are mentioned.
  4. Not good for oily hair
    Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum

    Aromatic Spa Conditioning Serum

Hair is getting into an issue especially in this type of pollution and salty water. It is better to take care from the beginning so that one can harness the benefit out of it. This is a nice product but I would not recommend it totally as because the cons will be a factor in future when you are using the product. Take care and do let me know if you have any of your own experiences using such products.


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