Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice


Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice Review

Hello there, ladies!

Aren’t you all tired of wasting tons of hours and money on fairness solutions? Hasn’t it become enough of a headache yet? If you are looking for a one stop solution to rid your mind of all those worries, try out Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice extract, and you can put all your worries to rest forever.

Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice

Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice

What it claims:

This new product from Avon Care lightens your complexion in a jiffy. It reduces any kind of yellowing, or dullness and even smoothens out unevenness in skin tone, and leaves your skin glowing, fresh and fairer for the ordeal. It brings back that youthful healthy look you had in your teens. The Licorice extract, which is its special feature is a known inhibitor of dark melanin and hence prevents the formation of any dark pigments in your epidermis. It is gentle on the delicate skin of your face, and well suited for daily use. It is suitable for all skin types.

Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice

Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice

Tested for allergens by dermatologists and certified safe.

My Experience

This fairness cream comes in a shade of baby pink, which for some reason is quite endearing. Has a nice fruity and sweet fragrance, which some might find too overpowering. But nonetheless, I liked the overall feel of the product.

As for my experience with it, it was rather pleasant. The cream though thick, doesn’t weigh down your skin. You don’t need to apply a lot to it; a pea sized drop is enough for each use. You can easily blend it in, and there is no residue left after you’re done. The fragrance also wears off in a little while, though the cream stays put for a many hours.. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like her nostrils to be constantly stimulated, you can rest easy.

Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice

Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice


My next door neighbor recommended this cream to me, saying that she had been using it for a few months now, with notable results. She has even started her 14 year old daughter on it. The best part is that it didn’t cause her daughter to have any allergic reactions, as is prone to happen in an adolescent girl. We can conclude from that that it doesn’t really cause any excess oil to build up on your face, and so is acne proof. 

Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice

Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice

Positive Checklist

  • Delivers on its promises, though it takes a little time.
  • Doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Has a nice fragrance..
  • Lasts quite long.
  • Added benefit is its moisturizing effect..
  • Doesn’t have any dangerous allergens.
  • Non greasy, on application.
    Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice

    Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice


  • Has Paraben as a preservative, which can cause problems for your hormones.
  • You need to buy it from an Avon representative. It is not that readily available at local stores. Or you can order it online.

Will I use it again?

Reusing this product is not really a top priority for me, because I am not that into fairness creams. But I would certainly recommend it to anyone who asked me for a good fairness cream. Take care..!!


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