Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel


Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel

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This is pretty much the one and only substitute to the long before discontinued vanilla & Soy Milk version of the Bath products line. Having some kind of soothing aroma encrusted shower gel is a huge mood changes in the beginning of the day or after a long day at work. Move over soap, your time has passed. In fact, I find shower gels much hygienic also compared to soaps being shared by all using the same bathroom.

It’s very much talked about that Cleopatra used to bathe in tubs of pure milk and Rose petals. While that is completely impractical in this world, you can get the next best thing to it, courtesy of Avon.

Product Description:

Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel

Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel

This product from Avon nails everything you’d ever want from a shower gel- the smoothness of a gel, the cleansing ability of real soap, and the aroma of heavenly bath oils. The consistency of the liquid is just right for a gel, not too thick that it doesn’t come out of the bottle and not too thin that it runs all over like oil. While there are two other variants in this product line, the one we are talking about has a much thicker formula, and has a pearly off white/ yellowish white color that is used to represent the milk and honey theme. And the fragrance is absolutely all encompassing. It will take you to places you’ve never been. And as an added bonus it lasts on your skin for quite some time.

Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel

Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel

How to Use:

Squeeze out a little amount onto your bath sponge or loofah and use on your whole body with a little amount of water. Work up a rich lather (which is not going to be a problem), before rinsing it off completely. Use again if desired, though that is going to pretty much an over indulgence.

Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel

Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel


My Experience

It leaves your skin feeling clean from whatever it is you’ve been up to all day long, while maintaining the natural moisture content of your body. It lathers quite well due to its high foam formula, something which Avon is quite noted for. A small amount on your sponge is enough for your entire shower. It doesn’t dry out your skin like some bath gels do, or wrinkles it up like some soaps do. What can I say; my skin behaves in strange ways. It makes my skin stay soft and fragrant for hours afterward.

Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel

Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel

It can be a perfect product for winter use as well as in summer.


  • Lightweight Moisturizer Gets Absorbed Easily.
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Smooth, Soft and Supple.
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Velvety, Healthy And Conditioned..
  • Doesn’t cause tightness or dryness
  • No presence of paraben.
  • Washes off easily unlike soapy products.
  • Lathers exceptionally well.
  • Long lasting, with good value for money.
    Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel

    Avon Naturals Milk and Honey Shower Gel


I simply have no problems with this product. But people with extra sensitive skin need to see if this suits them as well.

Will I recommend it to a friend?

I most definitely would. Bath gels may be a luxury, but no woman should let go of such luxuries. It’s an impressive replacement for soap as it doesn’t skimp out on the cleansing properties either, while keeping you scented like Eau-de Cologne.


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