Avon Naturals Water Lily and Aloe Hand and Body Lotion


Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion 

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A good moisturizing lotion has always been something any woman is on the lookout for. Especially in a country as hot and humid as this, the need to keep your skin hydrated at all times becomes paramount should you want it to stay young and fresh for a considerable period of time. Avon naturals Water Lily and Aloe hand and body lotion comes with the goodness of aloe along with the accompanying fragrance of water lilies in a bottle of goodness that doesn’t fail in keeping the natural moisture of your skin intact, keeping it soft, supple and glowing.

Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion

Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion

Product Description:

It is filled with extracts of glycerin, mineral oils, aloe and water lilies. The Aloe extracts are known for extensive moisturizing capabilities. Especially when it comes to dry skin, which has been exposed to the harmful rays of the sun for extended periods of time, and as a result has gotten sun-burnt, its regenerative capabilities are miraculous. Water lily extracts also help in this regard, refreshing and revitalizing your skin. The floral scent makes you feel fresh all through the day.

Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion

Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion

The glycerin is known for its protective properties. It nourishes dry and sensitive skin, forming a protective covering over it avoiding any damage that might come to it from prolonged exposure to the harsh conditions of the outside world. It is also a known humectant, meaning it naturally attracts moisture to your skin and traps it within. The mineral oils help to lighten skin tone as well as replenish your natural skin oils which get depleted during the hot summer months.

How to Use:

The lotion is white in color, with a semi runny consistency. Apply it to exposed areas before going out. An even better method would be to have a nice hot shower and then apply it all over your body and rub properly.

Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion

Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion


My Experience

This product has been very useful to people with combination type skin as it is perfectly non greasy and doesn’t make you drip with perspiration in the long run. Doesn’t block your pores at all, but leaves behind a nice cool feeling that prevails for a day at least. And that dry feeling was nowhere to be found.

Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion

Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion


  • Cheap, and affordable. It’s literally a steal, at the price we are getting it
  • Soothes your skin
  • Moisturizing capability perfectly adequate. Does everything it set out to do.
  • Water lily and aloe has regenerative properties that infuse a new glow into your skin. Or maybe it is such a good moisturizer that it brings out your natural glow like no other moisturizer can.


  • There are no such disadvantages to using this product. However if you want to nitpick, you can point out the lack of sun protection properties. Or you can use a sunscreen instead of expecting your moisturizer to do everything.

Will I use it again?

It’s going to be an affirmative on this question. Of course, I will. It is far better than any other aloe lotion I have used.


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