Avon skin so soft original body wash


Avon skin so soft Original Body Wash

Hi again Girls!

I am back again today with a complete review of one of the most satisfying body washes of all time. Avon’s range of products literally touches every niche and every aspect of your personal body care routine. The “skin so soft“ range of products are quite effective in keeping your skin soft, smooth and supple, almost like a baby’s skin would feel to the touch and smell. The Original Body wash doesn’t disappoint in this regard as well. There is another body wash in this range, called the “creamy body wash” which has special built in moisturizing capability, but that is beside the point.

Avon skin so soft original body wash

Avon skin so soft original body wash

Product Description:

This special body wash has extracts of Jojoba oil, and other herbal extracts which make for a rejuvenating experience while you shower. The fragrance is pleasant to say the least. Very clean and light, so much so that it doesn’t overpower your senses. The liquid itself is an opaque white solution, with a high foaming capability. It lathers well leaving your skin as soft as you desire it with multiple washes.

The high foam formula makes sure that a little goes a long way in covering all your exposed pores, revitalizing the depleted moisture content of your skin. 

Avon skin so soft original body wash

Avon skin so soft original body wash

How to Use:

Apply a little to a wet loofah or wash cloth. Gently apply to entire body in circular outward motions until you get rich lather. Then rinse and repeat if so desired. For best results use it whenever you have a shower. Follow up with another real moisturizer for added benefits.

My Experience

Avon skin so soft original body wash

Avon skin so soft original body wash


The after shower experience was not at all a downer. Removes post shower dryness like a charm, while at the same time leaves behind a real subtle olfactory essence that just tickles your nostrils. It has argon, which is efficient in reducing stretch marks and helps in tightening your skin muscles. So in a way it is an anti ageing product as well.

In the past I have had the opportunity of using Avon’s moisturizing shower gel as well, which in effect is this product’s predecessor. Where the new kid on the block beats its competitors is in the moisturizing effects and in the addition of Shea Butter and the involvement of vitamins, which are transferred to your skin through various seed oils. Also the bottle is actually larger in size that the other one, providing you with good value for money.

Avon skin so soft original body wash

Avon skin so soft original body wash


  • Richer, creamier product with excellent moisturizing effects.
  • Leaves your skin softer than before.
  • Very unobtrusive fragrance that doesn’t interfere with your perfume.
    Avon skin so soft original body wash

    Avon skin so soft original body wash


  • It has been discontinued in some regions, probably due to lack of sales. Honestly though, I can’t even begin to imagine why.
  • The inclusion of a pump would have been greater for ease of application. Oh and yes, refill packs too.
    Avon skin so soft original body wash

    Avon skin so soft original body wash

Will I use it again?

I will definitely do, provided they don’t discontinue it here as well. I would recommend it to my friends and readers as well since soft skin is something everyone aspires to.

Cya soon ladies… till then take care!!


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