Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash Review


Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash Review

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What is the first thing you do in morning, as soon as you get up? Well, I brush my teeth, use a gentle face wash to get rid of the oiliness on my face and then sit down to relish a cup of Green tea!! This kind of gets repetitive..So, to bring in a little element of change, I keep trying different kinds of face washes, those having different kinds of fragrances and ingredients! The latest one to my supposedly big collection of face washes is a small pack from Ayorma Spa. A few days back, I reviewed a scrub from the same product line. Read about Ayorma fairness scrub here.

After having an extremely pleasant experience with the scrub, I went ahead to order their face wash, too and I have the confidence to say that this is one of the best ones I have tried so far. It is soap free and full of the goodness of natural ingredients & Whitening globules. These products have been crafted from SPA oils. I have been using this product at least once a day since past 15 Days and it has turned out to be a good one. Read on further for details..

Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

Product description

It claims to work by deep cleansing your skin and removing accumulated impurities. It also removes fresh tanning giving you a oil free and fresh skin with every use.

Directions of use

Moisten the face and use a coin sized quantity of this face wash to massage your face well. Leave on for 30 Seconds and then rinse well.


100 ml for INR 349

Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash



Regular, see through plastic tube with cap that closes on rotating. The product is Olive Green in colour.


It has a thick, gel like texture with small beads that do not as such give any scrubbing effect.

Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

Skin type

Suitable for all skin types

Pros of Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

  • See through packaging allows you to see how much product is left so, you can plan your next purchase accordingly.
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • You need only a small amount of product to wash your face
  • It effectively removes excessive oil and dirt from face.
  • The smell is herbal and very refreshing
  • It helps in removing fresh tanning from skin, too
  • The Green globules burst to give you a cooling sensation on face
  • It helps to do the cleansing well and remove all the dirt
  • Paraben free

Cons of Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

  • The price is a little on costlier side but worth it

Key ingredients

  • It contains the extracts of Licorice and Curcuma Extracts which help to remove Tan and decrease melanin
  • Production hence, giving you a clearer complexion.
  • Orange Peel oil for rejuvenating the skin
  • French Lavender Oil
  • Honey
  • Egyptian Geranium Oil
Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

My experience with Ayorma Anti Tan and Fairness Face Wash

The products from the Ayorma spa are a perfect blend of Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic sciences. The best part about this herbal face wash is that it helps in detoxifying your skin by reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals like parabens & others. It’s deep and tranquilizing smell helps in making me feel more active in the morning. It is soap free, removes excessive oils, cleans dirt and does not dry out your skin thus maintains the natural moisture and Ph balance of your skin. I have also noticed a difference in the size of facial pores and fading the pigmentation on skin.


4 0n 5

Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I would really recommend this to everyone for it’s effectiveness on skin is fabulous.


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