Ayur Herbal Cold Wax Reviews


Ayur Herbal Cold Wax Reviews

Hello Everyone,

Winter is close and large portions of us experience the ill effects of dry, bothersome and stretchy skin in this climate. Cold winter winds can wreak ruin on your sensitive skin, hence legitimate skin mind administration is required. I have dry skin and I am ceaselessly scanning for good skin cream or moisturizers.

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax is concoction free cold wax focused around herbal detailing. It removes hairs, disheartens the development of these hairs furthermore makes skin delicate, smooth and luxurious. Its utilization expands the excellence of skin because of lemon concentrates furthermore enhances its adaptability.

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax removes pollutions from skin and makes it clear and solid. Utilizing Wax for Hair removal can be risky as it can result in a few issues like ingrown hairs, red knocks, and minor dying. You must test wax or counsel doctor before utilizing any wax. Lemon, sugar and vinegar and their profits at Ayur Herbal Cold Wax makes its work simple.

Product Claim:-

Rich concentrated characteristic fixings with included properties of aloe vera and bumblebees wax remember your dry skin from winter stresses. Its rich creamy recipe makes significantly layer on your skin to anticipate moisture misfortune and keeps your skin delicate, hydrated and supple.

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax


  • INR 50 for 80 ml
  • INR 100 for 200 ml
  • INR 180 for 50 ml

My Experience with Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

The cream arrives in a white tub with screw open cover. The bundling is not extremely travel benevolent and all the cream from this brand has same bundling. The cream cases to be oil free and non sticky which is genuine. It is light regular cream which I use on my arms and legs.

I have dry skin issue yet this cream alone neglects to keep my skin hydrated for more than 5 hours in winters. I have to reapply these after few hours on the off chance that I utilize only it.

This smells like roses which I truly love. I can buy it over and over for its sensitive blushing smell. I truly like this cream and on the off chance that you are searching for light moisturizers for your body then you can attempt this out.

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax


This cold wax by Ayur is ensured of having common ingredients. I had a decent involvement with this item. It works out well on slick and dry skin sorts. Additionally, it is not in any case extremely excruciating while utilizing it.

Girls ought to unquestionably strive for waxing as opposed to utilizing hair removal creams for it averts brisk hair development and aides in keeping the skin smooth and clear. There is one issue with it. This wax gets spoilt after a stockpiling of eventually. It can be an issue at my end in putting away it legitimately or a defect in the item itself.

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

Pros of Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

  • Creamy surface
  • Makes my skin delicate
  • Rosy scent
  • Pocket inviting
  • Non sticky
  • Non sleek
  • Disappears into skin without much exertion

Cons of Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

  • Packaging is unhygienic and not travels friendly.
  • Average staying power
    Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

    Ayur Herbal Cold Wax

My Ratings

For its high quality and terrific rose smell I’ll like to give 8.5 out of 10 to this herbal cold wax. Take very good care of yourself and till next post “be stylish and spicy”.


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    I haven’t tried waxing at home but this looks like a good option

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    Quite a cost effective way of waxing…

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    Which stripes to use to pull off the wax??

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    Is it easy to use? How to use this??