Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple Review


Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

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Have you ever wondered what makes you look so beautiful? You might say it’s you piercing eyes, sharp nose and wonderful smile that add to your charm and personality. It is true in a way! However, let me ask you something. What is the common element to all the physical features of yours?   You must have heard of Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, the eternal beauty. It is said that she used to bath with horse milk, to maintain and enhance the glow of her skin.

In fact kids are also conscious about their skin and fashion. That’s why today I will be sharing about my daughter’s moisture cream, Barbie – Body Moisturiser Soft & Supple. The name suggests how cute it is. My daughter simply adores it as per the name but trust me when you will be reading this review, you will like it too.

Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

Product Description:

This Body Moisturiser from Barbie is a gentle product having all the potentiality to make your kids skin glow. The natural and herbal extracts are making it perfect.  Other than this you can have sweet smell which heals both the body and mind. It says it can be used for both girls and boys. These days, in the 21st century, you don’t have to go through all these weird and absurd methods! And neither it is possible. Today, in the age of miniature, all your fashion needs are available in small packs. There are innumerable brands available, which claims to be the best solution for your skin problems. May be they are. However, like everything in life, you would like to choose the best out of so many options!

Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

My Experience with Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

Technically I am actually writing about my experience which I saw in my daughter’s skin. To be honest I bought this because of the brand Barbie and did not expect any result from it. But after some days I have seen visibly better skin of my daughter. I think it will be suiting to all types of skins and this can be a fun to use. If your daughter is not feeling to use then you can use it on your own as a mild Moisturiser.

Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple


Pros and Cons of Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

To be honest I have not seen any types of negative activities as such but still I think those kinds who are having sensitive kids but rethink once or twice. Otherwise according to me I think it’s great as the fragrance is superb.  My daughter likes it so much but yes one thing for sure that if you have a son then also you can use it certainly.

Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple


  1. Lotus extracts
  2. Watermelon extracts.


Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

Barbie Body Moisturiser Soft and Supple

Yes it is for sure that I will be buying this stuff again and again as because within a reasonable amount it is considered to be one of the best cream for kids. Yes, you may not get it everywhere but still the usage is perfect. You can search it in different kid’s stores. The packaging of Barbie – Body Moisturiser Soft & Supple is almost awesome and the smell is also good. Thus there is no doubt of reusing this product. My daughter told me to buy other stuffs of this brand too and in the next review I will write about it too. Till then take care and send me your comments.


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