Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo Review


Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

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The monsoons are round the corner and it’s time to sit up and take some special care for your hair. You know, the hair conditioner is one of the most essential hair products that are used for improving the texture and well as the appearance of the hair. Hair care products like shampoo and conditioners are special serums that are used to treat the human hair and to provide some extra nourishment to your beautiful long hairs.
Often the environment where you live must be taken into consideration, before you start some serious treatment for your hair. Moreover, then season of the year also matters a lots. While you are buying a shampoo for yourself, always look into some of the basic facts, like the ingredients used the application process etc. Low quality products may give harsh treatment to your hair, which may lead to damaging of hair. Be sure to go for such a product, that would suit your hair type; whether it’s oily, chemically treated or dry.

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

If you want some naturally beautiful hair that would make you look glamorous to others, you may try the all new Barbie shampoo. I came to knew about this product from one of my colleagues. She prescribed me this product for my daughter Ananya after getting positive results from it.

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

Product Description

The packaging of the Barbie shampoo would surely attract many. Its pink textured container with white bold spots easily draws attention. Nevertheless, the Disney Barbie graphics on the package makes it, more eyes catching. The product claims to reduce hair fall and is suitable for mostly all type of hairs. Kids would love to use this product.

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo


Key Features

• Long and bouncy hair
• Claims to reduce hair fall
• Nourishes Hair
• Attractive pink design
• Available in various fragrance
• No tears effect; specially for kids

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

Key Ingredients

• Water,
• Cetearyl Alcohol,
• Glycerin,
• Cyclopentasiloxane,
• Cetrimonium Chloride,
• TEA Dodecylbenzenesulfonate,
• Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate)

Direction for use

Wash your hair properly before you apply the shampoo. Now take a small amount of the Barbie Shampoo and gently apply it all over your head. Massage in a circular motion with your finger tips. Make sure the shampoo gets well applied to every part of the hair. Now rinse it thoroughly in cold water. Soak it dry. Fir better results, you may use a good conditioner, to add some extra nourishment to your hair.

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

Barbie Soft and Silky Conditioning Shampoo

Pros of the Barbie Shampoo

• Value for money
• Easy availability
• Suitable for kid’s
• Applicable for all type of hair; oily, dry or treated chemically
• Do not carry toxic materials
• Contains less ammonia
• Provides proper conditioning too
• Scalp treatment
• Reduces hair fall
• Smooth and soft feeling
• Anti dandruff feature
• Reduces hair breakage

Cons of the Barbie Shampoo

Well truly speaking, after using this product especially on my daughter’s hair, I hardly found any demerits of this product. Instead it has some additional features like moisturizing the scalp and hair softness.
Will I reuse the product?

Of course I will. After judging its price with the other similar products, am sure to go for this product again in the near future. Nevertheless, I have also recommended this product to my friends for their kids.


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