Berina Hair Heat Protector


Berina Hair Heat Protector

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I have been never been adventurous enough to try cosmetic procedures or even general blow drying on my hair. Getting the courage up to actually use straighteners or curling irons would be like accomplishing the 12 labors of Hercules in one go. But that was before I actually found out about Berina Hair Heat Protector. It has special nourishing ingredients that provide protection.

Berina Hair Heat Protector

Berina Hair Heat Protector

Product Description:

Being a Thailand product, I was initially hesitant to use it. After all, the place really isn’t famous for it’s ‘women’s beauty products.

The product has a few ingredients like the Pro-Vitamins B5, and a dual Milky Spray system, which are instrumental in providing heat protection against hair dryers and curling irons.It nourishes your hair, imparts a smooth texture to it and helps n=in extending the life of colored hair. It also helps in locking in the color for a longer duration.

Berina Hair Heat Protector

Berina Hair Heat Protector

The product is made by processing high quality raw materials in the hands of skilled professionals. Your hair will look shiny, silky and naturally healthy after the nourishment it provides.

Has a very sweet and fruity smell, which lasts for a long time, even after you’re done ironing and styling.

Berina Hair Heat Protector

Berina Hair Heat Protector


Why you need it?

Heat is notorious for being able to destroy whatever proteins your hair is composed of. It can disrupt the consistency of the natural oils present in your hair that are responsible for holding it together, it dry your hair out, by flash drying your internal moisture. If your hair suffers these kinds of damage, it can lead to split ends and easy breakage while combing or just brushing.

Berina Hair Heat Protector

Berina Hair Heat Protector

You need to apply some kind of protection whenever you intend to style your hair using heating implements. Serums or sprays are the two different types of products you can use, depending on your hair type. Serums are useful for dry /coarse and curly/wavy hair while sprays are much more useful for normal and naturally straight hair.

How to Use:

  • Rinse hair well before application
  • Dry hair until just a little damp.
  • Apply Berina hair Heat Protector all over your hair.
  • Use styling Iron or blow dryer and style as desired.

    Berina Hair Heat Protector

    Berina Hair Heat Protector

My Experience

The spray is off white in color and kind of bubbly. I used it on slightly damp hair while blow-drying. If you want to straighten it, dry hair is a necessity. It even protects your hair against the sun on hot days. If you condition it, your hair stands to gain more from this.


  1. Travel friendly packaging.
  2. Has a nice fragrance that’s quite soothing.
  3. Softens hair like no other
  4. Tangled up hair responds to it quite fast, so that you don’t lose any due to careless combing.
  5. Doesn’t make your hair look burnt or dull.


o    Buying it online seems the only way to get it, unless you have a friend at a professional saloon that can get it for you.

o    The price just keeps on rising as the days go by. 

Will I use it again?

I don’t really style my hair that often, because I have always been scared that it will cause damage beyond repair. But If I ever do, this spray is going to be a definite part of my routine.

Take good care of your hair and stay tuned to more articles.


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