Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush Reviews


Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush

Hi Girls…,

Today I am planning to give review on real makeup product that you will wonder to buy.

Black Radiance rouge is really a one, you can add on in your makeup kit. Whenever you go for travelling or facing a client, whom you need attention, then you can go for it. It has several shades, which can buffer your skin whatever your skin color is. The long wearing blush has several bendable shades .It has a unique formula having sheer powder type of blush.You can wear once you are done with your other powders or foundation.It gives the perfect radiance that you need.

Black Radiance, I ordered it from one of the online stores, as I was looking for a makeup item for a wedding reception. Once I wear on my foundation and compact powder, I add it as a highlight to my makeup. It can also be used as an eye shadow, which will give natural look to the eyes, once liner has been added to it.

Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush

Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush

Let’s see how it works.

Whenever you want to be the star in the show, using a gorgeous sari with sparkled sequence work over it or so,you can go for some gaudy makeup which shows your glamour. The brush that comes along with it is amazing which will high spot your complexion. There are shades for all types of complexion. So, if your skin is around darkish brown or brown,you can go for Spiced Ginger which is my blend, else if you are on the fairer side, you can look out for fair to light shades like starting from pink.

Product Description:

Talking about the rouge, it can be used as a blush for your check bones, as well as an eye shadow above your eyes. It can also be used as a secondary part of your make-up whenever you go partying or receptions or any festivals.

Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush

Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush


Direction for Use

Apply evenly over makeup or moisturized kind of skin for a soft natural look. Sweep on in the cheek bones, blending in upward motion, outward towards the hairline.

Shelf Life

It can be best used within two years of time.


It costs around $4 for a small box having net weight of 6.8 g i.e, approximately around 200 INR.

Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush

Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush


Its texture is like sand grains, where it is not purely smooth and you can wear over any make-up that you have already added. It gives you a matte finish instead of oily make-up or glow.

 Key Ingredients

  • Zinc
  • Mineral Oil
  • Iron Oxide
  • Talc

Pros of Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush

  • Its fine texture gives a feel good from outside when you look at the mirror, as it hides all blemishes and pores.
  • It gives a showy makeover to your skin, thus adding pompous to a show or wedding.

Cons of Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush

As the ingredients are not so natural, it raises concerns on the skin and should be removed, once the show is over or make-up need to be removed completely using remover or oil and soap.

Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush

Black Radiance Sheer Finish Blush

My Experience with Black Radiance

I like to wear the rouge once in a while, especially if I am going for a party or wedding where there is a ceremonious show, otherwise I will not go for it, as the skin becomes very dry and itchy.


I will add 8/10 and it need to be worn only for a reason.

Whether I would recommend this product again:

I would recommend it only as a party wear and not for a normal usage.


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  • Apoorva Dhuper

    such a dud product it seems.. makes skin itchy

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    Which brand is this ?

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    Looking forward to try it ..

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    Is it available in India?

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    The brush is such low quality :/