Blue Heaven Lipstick Review


Blue Heaven Lipstick Review


The product, which I am going to review today, is Blue Heaven Lipstick. It comes in shades which are extremely suitable for Indian skin tone-sorts, additionally exceptionally wearable. The smooth composition helps in applying the lipstick pleasantly.

Just two swipes give a legitimate shade on the lips. Presently, about resilience, it shocked me by staying more than 5 hours.

Genuinely, I have just accomplished matte lipsticks staying this long; yet disregarding being a rich lipstick it astonished me. Like the brand claims, it didn’t drain or blurred till I began my consuming session.

The lipstick smells much the same as the old lipsticks with a commonplace cosmetic like sweet smell. Thankfully it doesn’t stay long and blurs away after few minutes of use. Going to the surface, the lipstick is delicate and smooth. It coasts on effortlessly without any tug or force. In addition it doesn’t dry out lips.

We can skip utilizing a lip ointment underneath. It is exceptionally saturating. This was amazement for me. Going to the color part, the color is a decent coral color with insights of pink in it. It is decent daytime wear color.

I don’t have any grievances with the color yet what I didn’t prefer is the gleam part. It contains heaps of moment silver gleams which stays on the lips significantly after you wipe off the lipstick.

My Experience with Blue Heaven Lipstick

Blue Heaven Lipstick

Blue Heaven Lipstick

As a matter of first importance I must concede that I love red, coral and orange shades in lipsticks. So this shade was unexplainable adoration for me. Yet it likewise accompanied some dissatisfaction which I might uncover further.

About the packaging, the lipstick arrives in a flimsy plastic dark case with a straightforward cap made of slight shoddy plastic. The shade name is set on a sticker at the base of the lipstick.

Blue Heaven Lipstick

Blue Heaven Lipstick

The lipstick is little in size much the same as a smaller than normal lipstick. It simply stows away in your palm. One needs to recollect the shade to get the right color. By and large, the packaging is exceptionally straightforward and nothing progressively can be normal at this cost.

I have this insane propensity to attempt diverse lipstick and nail veneer shades, and when I purchase, I simply disregard the brands. This specific shade is named Iced Cocoa, yet the shade is entirely unexpected, something like pinkish red. Along these lines, I preferred the shade and needed to attempt it.

Pros of Blue Heaven Lipstick

  • It is accessible at very low price.
  •  You can get lot of shades.
  • It can easily be applicable at your lips.
  •  It doesn’t dry your lips and moisturize the lips well.
  • Terrific color to suit your daily requirement.
    Blue Heaven Lipstick

    Blue Heaven Lipstick


Cons of Blue Heaven Lipstick

  • The packaging is extremely exhausting and not travels benevolent.
  • Contains part of gleams which I dislike.
  • Shelf life and fixings rundown are not specified.
  • Staying force is low.
    Blue Heaven Lipstick

    Blue Heaven Lipstick

My Ratings to Blue Heaven Lipstick

I will rate 7.5 out of 10 to this product. It is simply a fine product. The color is decent simply the path I like it however the gleams don’t run with my taste. It is not drying yet delicate and rich. So, if you are fine with gleams then this lipstick is without a doubt an absolute product for you. Enjoy your life and share your comments with us, “Be stylish and spicy”.


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  • swati

    who does even use blue heaven products??forget reviewing it woman!

    • Himanshi

      first, thanks to you for reading the post, and it is not necessary my friend that everyone use the same product. No one can say about any product that it is universally accepted or not…everyone has its own way to judge the product… if you not like any product that doesn’t mean rest are thinking in same manner………

      And don’t worry we continuously updating the blogs, so i am sure you will definitely get product review of your choice soon….so stay calm, keep smiling and keep reading,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,TC

    • veronica

      Bingo! I too hate this brand man !

  • Shreya

    nice shade pick :)

  • Anjali

    does it have shimmer in it?

  • manali

    packaging looks cheap man :/