Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara Reviews


Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara Reviews

Hey ladies, two eye makeup products that I really cannot manage without are: A kajal pencil and a nice, volumizing mascara. Since I wear glasses, I need to highlight my eyes so that they do not get overpowered by my wide framed glasses. I tend to use up both of these products frequently so, as far as possible, I try my level best to stick to budget friendly kajals and mascaras. Maybelline Colossal kajal has been one of my staple kajal for quite long now and I just used up my MAC mascara, which was in fact a gift from my sister. My most recent purchase is mascara from Blue heaven called as Blue heaven liquid mascara.

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara

Product description

Please refer the image above… The product makes no tall claims. It just describes what the mascara is supposed to do that is, make your eye lashes appear dense and thick.

Directions for usage

Use the brush to pick the mascara and keep the brush at the base of your lashes. Wiggle the brush at the base to deposit maximum product. Then, run the brush through the lashes to get an illusion of volume. When using on the lower lashes, hold the brush vertically.


INR 50.. Is not that cool?

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara


Shelf life

1 year approx


It comes in a very no frills attached pack. Which is fine as I would prefer a  superior product quality than a fancy pack. It comes in a basic Black and White cardboard box which contains a Black coloured bullet that has a screw type cap. The cap has an attached spiral brush which is of decent quality.


It has an ideal texture that a mascara should have. It is neither too liquidy nor flaky. The brush picks up just the right amount of product, at a time to allow a clump free application.

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara

Pros of Blue heaven liquid mascara

  • Budget friendly product
  • No compromise with quality
  • Does not give a clumpy application if applied in a proper way
  • Does not give an artificial appearance
  • Does not irritate eyes, with or without contact lenses.
  • Ideal consistency
  • The brush design is spiral
  • Brush separates out individual lashes well
  • Brush picks the correct amount of product in a single go
  • It is smudge free to a good extent
  • Travel friendly

Cons of Blue heaven liquid mascara

  • The packaging is dull

Key ingredients

Not mentioned on the pack

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara

My experience with Blue heaven liquid mascara

I got this pocket friendly mascara for daily use. The brush is actually better than I had expected. The spiral design ensures that you can coat the lashes near the inner corner of your eyes, properly. The consistency is not flaky or runny. It is just right. It does not show up as clumps on lashes due to ideal consistency. The brush separates lashes well so that you do not have lashes that stick together. I wear contacts at times and this one does not irritate my eyes regardless of presence or absence of contact lenses.

The lasting power is easily around three to four hours. It would not smudge unless you rub your eyes. I am wearing it as present and sweat does not affect it much.

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara

Blue Heaven Liquid Mascara



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I would buy Blue heaven liquid mascara gain as I find no reason not to.


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