Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick Reviews


Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick Reviews

Hello everyone! Did you know that there are many people out there who strictly plan out their cosmetic budget, yet fail to follow it because of the tempting products available in the market! Well, I’m definitely amongst those shoppers. Every month my shopping list starts with my daily use products and ends with a plethora of exciting products. Today, because of this list I landed up with a budget friendly lipstick, which comes in many shades and is quite easy to find and i.e. Blue Heaven’s N-52 Lipstick.

Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

Product Description:

The N-52 is a nice shimmery lipstick that comes in beige shade. It is quite light on the skin and can be worn on pigmented lips too. However, there are other twelve shades available in the market of the same product range.

Direction for Use:

I clean my lips with the help of a lip scrub then apply the lipstick all over my lips. Using highlighter is a great option to amplify that shimmery gloss of the shade.

Product Quantity and Price:

MRP Rs: 89/- for 2.5g

Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick


Shelf Life:

Nothing is mentioned on the product!


Just like any other lipstick even this one has a simple roll-on packaging which can be handled without any trouble. If you talk about the style quotient of the product in terms of packaging then it’s next to nil, because all you get is a white round pack which is covered in a transparent plastic top. So, nothing too extraordinary but yes its travel friendly.


The texture of the lipstick is just right; it does not go too dry or runny on my lips. Another important aspect of its texture is that applying is not that difficult and does not need any sort of force or tug. This is something which is seldom found in products of the same price range.

Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

Key Ingredients:

Nothing is mentioned on the product!

Pros of Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

  • Can be purchased from offline and online stores
  • Applying it is quite easy and it does not dry the lips too
  • There are a plethora of shades to choose from
  • It moisturizes the lips perfectly without any greasy look
  • I love the added shimmer gloss
  • Pack is travel friendly and affordable too!

Cons of Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

  • The pack does not contain shelf life or list of ingredients
  • Lipstick does not last for more than 3 hours
  • Many people many not appreciate the shimmer on the lipstick
  • The shimmer tends to stick on my lips
  • It is definitely not a good option for pigmented lips
    Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

    Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

My Thoughts about Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick!

I really love shimmery lipsticks, especially those that go well with my lip-type. That’s why when I came across this product I was like OMG, I surely need this one! And the next thing you know it was there with me. Must say it was an impulsive purchase, however when you talk about the price then it was sort of okay- no big deal.

Coming to the usage part, I have used it many times and I’m fine with it. Not too happy, nor too sad; just fine! It is a good lipstick for those who are looking for affordable shades which would go well with your lips, but there is nothing too special about it.

Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick

Blue Heaven N-52 Lipstick


I give it 2.5/5 (What can I say it’s not too good or too bad just in-between)

Will recommend this lipstick to you?

The lipstick is good for moisture control but again, no special qualities! So with that note if you want a lipstick which just like the lame old lipstick then surely try this out!


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