Body Shop All In One BB Cream Reviews


Body Shop All In One BB Cream Reviews – ‘Don’t just hide it, fight it’

Hello my beautiful friends! Today is the day I review The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream. The brand as we all know is a highly trusted and prestigious one. Like me thousands of other women across the world simply adore most offerings of The Body Shop. So I do admit that my expectations with the All-In-One BB Cream were quite high.

Product Description

The All-In-One Cream offered by Body Shop transforms from a white cream to the colour of your skin. It contains micro beads filled with pigment, which on application release the pigment that matches the tone of your skin. This cream is both a skin care solution and makeup.

Body Shop All In One BB Cream

Body Shop All In One BB Cream

Directions for use

Firstly, apply small dots of the cream onto your face. Next, blend the cream outwards so that you get even coverage. Carefully blend along your jaw line and hairline so that the appearance is seamless.

Shelf life

3 years


You receive 25 ml for the price of Rs. 1395.


The packaging is quite practical and the tube fits easily into my purse since, it only contains 25 ml. The shade that blends in perfectly with my skin is shade 02 or medium and is clearly indicated on the front of the tube. The small black cap that covers the silver tube does not come with a flip top so you do have to open it entirely. In my opinion the pack is simple, functional and in no way gaudy.

Body Shop All In One BB Cream

Body Shop All In One BB Cream


The texture is light, even when applied it does not feel heavy or greasy.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients used in this product are water, Hydrogenated Castor oil, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, glycerine, Sclerocarya Birrea seed oil, mica, magnesium sulphate and ethylhexyl palmitate.

Body Shop All In One BB Cream

Body Shop All In One BB Cream

Pros of Body Shop All In One BB Cream

  • Great texture and brilliant formulation
  • Decent coverage
  • Moisturizing
  • Gives a smooth and dewy effect
  • The finish is smooth and blurry
  • The small amount of cream offered lasts a long time
  • Owing to its packaging this cream can be taken almost anywhere
  • Small opening in tube allows greater control while dispensing

Cons of Body Shop All In One BB Cream

  • Expensive considering the amount of cream provided
  • Offers limited coverage
    Body Shop All In One BB Cream

    Body Shop All In One BB Cream

My experience with the Body Shop All In One BB Cream

During my first application I tried applying this cream with my foundation brush and I failed miserably. The beads were unable to dissolve and my skin looked patchy. The second time I used my finger tips and voila! I achieved a smooth finish and noticed that this cream does in fact create a dewy brightening effect. However, I must admit the coverage was limited and my darker blemishes were partially visible. The smaller and lighter ones were fully covered and my skin looked smoother and almost flawless. Also amazingly enough, my mildly sensitive skin was not irritated by this BB cream and it stays fresh and beautiful on my face for almost 7 hours. I usually touch up after 6 hours to enjoy a continuous glow.

Body Shop All In One BB Cream

Body Shop All In One BB Cream


4.5 stars out of 5

Would I recommend the Body Shop All In One BB Cream ?

This cream is great and my love for the brand continues to grow and I would definitely purchase it again. I do recommend this cream especially if you have sensitive, combination or dry skin.


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