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Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter: Rejuvenate your body shine

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Winter before its arrival concern us galore for our skin. But why do not we unleash the pertaining stress?? It is just, we are cheesed off about the tried out misleading products. I too have been through it and the stress really swept away last winter, when my friend introduced me to The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter. Strawberry’s appeal to taste buds was known to us always, but its nourishment to skin was not yet acknowledged to many.

Product Description

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Few words to say what it is actually about! The butter enriched product works wonder four our skin. Community Fair Trade Shea Butter in it delivers a sheer pleasure to your hand-feel over skin.

Key Ingredients

The product contains cold-pressed strawberry seed oil which is very high in linoleic and alpha-linoleic acid. These are essential fatty acids and belong to omega 3 group. Moreover, it keeps your skin hydrated for at least 24 hrs.

Direction for Use

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

 Post bath application turns out the best. However, if not followed also results well Just a blob of it and then a gentle circular motion on the surface and the skin is ready to be flaunted.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter, from my eyes:

I still recollect that day in my friend’s home for night-stay when she offered me Strawberry Body Butter, seeing my dull and parched skin, to top was the sleeveless top making my hands more obvious. Surprising to her was my lack-luster skin whereas surprising to me was the instantaneous effect visible on my applied hands.  Departure from her home was this time not only restricted to the fun we shared but also the experience experienced with this fruity-fragrant product. And then I did not hesitate for a minute even to shape this experience into a habit.

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter


Well, I bought it because I experienced it. For you to buy, it is important to visualize it virtually through my thoughts. Texture and consistency of the product undoubtedly is unquestionable. Spread is with ease, not leaving behind much grease. Plus the strawberry smell is just irresistible, as if a living fruit is walking. The supple skin obtained after applying is just unbeatable. Now imagine how smooth the skin would be on its application on the shaved skin.

Just adorable! Your hands probably won’t take off that smooth path layered upon the skin by the magical Strawberry butter. And time duration for which the hydrating effect lasted was 24 hours, pretty high unlike the ordinary ones. The proof of travelling deep inside skin and nourishing every layer is what we can infer.


Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

  • Supple and tender skin after being applied.
  • Non-greasy
  • Essential fatty acids penetrating deep
  • Fruity-smell pleasant to nose.
  • Sheen delivered to skin is worth.
  • Gradual usage makes your skin softer and shiny.


Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Well, to me every aspects of the product seemed worth and pleasing. That necessarily doesn’t mean yours blind acceptance.


This product really works great for all type skin. And in fact greater during winters! Just release your so-called promising products out of your skin-care drawer and put this into. It will stand by its claims and serve the purpose it has been furnished for. What else can you need when strawberry comes to you in this form to win your heart again like tongue!


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