Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash


Is it time to get over pollution? – Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash

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Today I am going to review Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash. Sonakshi Sinha’s words “Pollution se dar nahi lagta sahab” got my consideration in Boroplus Anti Pollution face wash’s late underwriting and I purchased its travel variation without another thought.

Also in the wake of utilizing this face wash for two weeks, I don’t think I am going to purchase this once more.

Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash

Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash

As Boroplus claims that it repairs, secures and recovers giving unmistakably sound gorgeous skin. It has elements like grapes and green tea. The bundling of Boroplus Anti pollution face wash arrives in a white and purple shiny tube with purple screw top.

Since white and purple is my most loved combo, I adore the face wash tube. Additionally, the mouth of the tube is fixed with silver paper. The face wash is a white colored thick fluid which foams great.

I can’t distinguish its smell yet it helps me to remember the scent which Lux cleanser radiates after washed it. I must add that small tube of Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash comes only in 18 Rs/-. That is off course in budget but it’s not necessary that what comes in budget is always good.

Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash

Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash


  • Shoddy
  • Scrubs well
  • Travel benevolent
  • Travel/Trail variation accessible
  • Great aroma


My experience of Boroplus Anti Pollution Face washes

This is my first item from Boroplus and to be completely forthright, I was not expecting much from it. Before utilizing the face wash, I knew it that it is much the same as another face wash and yes I was right.

Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash cases to give antipollution impact however I didn’t discover any change on face in the wake of utilizing it. Whatever it do is simply the typical purifying of the face like another face wash do.

Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash

Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash

My face does look clean in the wake of washing with it, yet it didn’t help me evacuate any spots. Likewise, my face utilization to feel somewhat dry in the wake of washing. Boroplus Anti pollution face wash guarantees high of repairing, ensuring and recovering skin however does nothing other than purging it.

My rating

I would like to rate 6 out of 10 to Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash. Boroplus anti pollution face wash is similar to another face wash which help you do your general purging. If you are anticipating that it will expel pollution impacts from your skin, then this face wash is not for you.

Be that as it may, if need a change from your standard face wash then attempt the more diminutive variation of it. Have you attempted Boroplus anti Pollution face wash? How is your involvement with it? Do let me know with your remarks. Till my next post “Be stylish and spicy”.


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    does it help reduce blackheads??

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    sad that its not that great a face wash …

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    giving it a miss!!

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    nice revview