Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit Reviews


Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit – Gold and diamond product review

Hey girls… How is life? The weather is lovely today, out here in Delhi!! If you are like me, you are sure to love doing eye makeup and owning some nice eye makeup products. I recently, happened to shell out some bucks to buy a small eye shadow palette from Cameleon. Cameleon is an India brand that manufactures cosmetics at a reasonable price and decent quality. This palette is quite travel friendly. Let us read more about it below about how this eye shadow faired for me and could this India brand deliver the quality at par with International brands? .

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit

Product Description

This eye shadow Kit Contains 15 different Eye Shadows shades. This eye shadow kit has 15 stunning colours in various saturation and finishes. There kit is perfect for adding some colour to your eye makeup. It has a mix of shimmery metallic shades and basic shades. The latter are just two or three in number.


Rs 695 on most online shopping sites. There are 24 shade and 4 shade sets available too at good discounts.

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit



1 year approx.


It comes in a very compact and sleek packaging in form of a plastic box that is pearly White in colour. The lid closes with a click and holds multiple shades of eye shadows. There is a built in mirror and a two sided brush that comes with this palette. The brush has an applicator tip on one side and a brush to blend in everything at the other end.

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit


The texture of the eye shadows is smooth. When I pick up a certain amount of shadow from the applicator and spread it across my eyes, it feels like a finely milled powder that does not have a gritty feel to it. I like the texture more than I actually expected. Thankfully, these do not give a chalky feel on applying.

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit

Pros of  Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit – Gold and diamond

  • Compact and travel friendly packaging
  • The lid of the case closes tight
  • There is built in mirror
  • The brush is of decent quality
  • Many shades packed in a single case
  • Basic to metallic shades available
  • The glittery shades do not apply with a overpowering amount of shimmers
  • Pigmentation of all shades is good
  • Colour pay off of all the shades is good
  • You can use this Palette for a coloured smoky eye makeup
  • Texture is smooth
  • Lasting power of most shades is decent
  • Does not have a chalky feel on setting

Cons of  Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit – Gold and diamond

  • Black shade which is essential for a basic Smokey eye look is missing.
  • They should have kept more pastel shades. Right now, the number of metallic shades outweighs the basic- Pastel colours.
    Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit

    Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit

My experience with  Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit – Gold and diamond

All in all, the palette has a decent quality texture wise, price wise and staying power wise. The packaging is also done thoughtfully to make it easy to use on the go. It is a good choice for party eye makeup. However, there is no Black in the palette so, if you are a fan of Smokey eyes, you will have to buy a separate Black shadow. Also, there are hardly 2 or 3 non metallic shades, fit for day to day use may be for your office or a casual outing.

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit

Cameleon Eye Shadow Kit



Whether I Would recommend this product again?

Yes, if you are looking for something suitable for a party makeup. No, if you want pastel shades for regular usage.


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