Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe Review


Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick – 167 ORANGE FLAMBE

Hey Folks!! How is life? Hope it’s fun and free. I have a lipstick with me that is bold enough to apply. I like bold colours though, but some can’t carry those colours. The lipstick is from a good brand named Chambor and its cosmetics are amazing. Well, I have used its shadows and lipsticks though. We girls are crazy for lipsticks, no one can deny that. We love collecting them and the colours that are bold and beautiful, we crave for them. Most importantly, brands do matter for me. As, branded products, keeps your skin perfect.

You all can check one of my previous review, which I have written on this website, about a lipstick, it’s actually a gloss by essence and that is amazing too. I will give you a link that is Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss.

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe

Product Description

This lipstick is an innovated formulated lipstick that has two this together, and that is moisturizer and powder matte effect in it. Powder matte lipsticks has a non-drying triple action formula, which bright bolds the perfectly matte lipstick on your face. It has an ultra-pigmented long- wearing vitamin enriched formula that glides on your lip effortlessly, with comfortable wear. The orange FLAMBE shade is bold and this helps you give a sharp and bold look.

Directions of Use

  • Always apply lipstick after makeup is done.
  • Apply outline with a lip liner for much better look.
  • Apply the powder matte lipstick and fill all over your lip inside the lip liner.

Shelf Life

3 years from the date of manufacture.

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe



575 INR for 4.5gm.

Skin Type

For all types of skin.


The packaging of the lipstick is as normal as other lipsticks and it comes in a blue box, with the printed brands name. Inside it’s a lipstick that twist’s and turn, same as the other lipsticks. The blue matte cover tube of the lipstick is matte too. Inside, is the silver tube and the lipstick comes out easily when twisted and it slides back easily too. The lipstick cover has a flower logo of the brand, on the top of its cover.

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe


The texture of the lipstick is smooth and matte.

Key Ingredients

Vitamin A, Jojoba Oil, UVA and UVB Filters and vitamin E. (no more ingredients are mentioned.)

Pros of Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick – 167 Orange FLAMBE

  • The colour is orange and it’s beautiful.
  • The lipstick is powder matte.
  • The twisting of the lipstick is so effortless.
  • Best for the first coat.
  • It has vitamins that helps the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • It has jojoba oil in it.
  • It moisturizes the lips also.
  • Stays for more than five to six hours.

Cons of Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick- 167 Orange FLAMBE

  • It’s a bit dry, so before applying this, apply a lip balm on your lips.
Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick Orange Flambe

My Experience with Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick- 167 Orange FLAMBE

I have used this lipstick and it is one of my favourites. I love bold colours and I often apply this, this lipstick does not need any second colour on it, as it is enough for you, to apply on. The lipstick is a bit dry, but not cakey. I like matte lipsticks only, and glossy ones are not for me. So, red and this orange FLAMBE is my favourite. I apply this lipstick only with a base. No more makeup is needed, when you apply this lipstick.


I would give 4.5 out of 5.


Well, I should warn you girls, who have darker skin tone and the fairest, as it looks like a bright radiant warning sign. So, the ones with normal skin tone and wheatish can easily apply this colour and carry this shade effortlessly. Still the ones who has guts to flaunt this shade then why not try this on. It is amazing and beautiful and you will love this lipstick I bet you. One more thing I must tell you, the ones who doesn’t like matte lipsticks, they can apply a gloss as base layer and then apply this lipstick.


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