Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist Review


Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist Review

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How is winter treating you all? Have you engaged yourself in any activities to stay fit this winter? I have started cycling as a part of my fitness program and I am so happy to give a fit start to 2016.

Anyway coming to today’s post, I am reviewing a fragrance mist in this post from Chambor. Chambor is quite a popular brand and with the introduction of this mists, it gained more popularity. I am not very good at describing fragrances and smell. However I will try my best to relate it as appropriately as I can. Body mists are cheaper in price than EDT’s and also the scent is much lighter. But I am not a fan of mists as much I am of EDT’s.

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Let’s get down to the details about the product…

Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist

Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist

Product description:

Fall in love with this heady blend of enticing notes that take you to the lands laden with the exotic scents of tuberose. Impeccably created for you to experience the dew drenched freshness in every spray.

Opening with the top notes of Citrus and Neroli, Tender Tuberose effortlessly flows into the lush sensuality Tuberose, Jasmine and Orange Flower, finally embracing the warm notes of White Musk and Amber.

Product price and quantity:

Rs 595 for a 200 ml. The pictures given are of a sample sized bottle.

Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist

Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist



As far as this sample bottle is concerned, it came stored in a green colored metallic finish cardboard box that contains the information about the product. The packaging is very travel friendly and the mist is stored in a transparent long glass wand with a spray mechanism for output.


It’s like that of any other fragrance/mist. Its transparent liquid that has to be simply sprayed.

Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist

Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist

Key ingredients:

Ethyl Alcohol 60%, DM Water, Perfume, Diethylpthalate 1%, Triclosan, Propylene Glycol.

Pros of Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance mist:

  • Best for travelling purpose. However I suggest storing the bottle in the cardboard box that it comes in otherwise there are chances of the bottle to break.
  • Pleasant and light smell
  • Decently priced
  • Good quantity
  • Easily available online as well as offline
  • Doesn’t cause irritation to the skin
  • Good fragrance
  • Musky fragrance that lingers for long

Cons of Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance mist:

  • The fragrance is pretty strong
  • Has no party glitter like in Eva Party Mist
Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist

Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance Mist

My experience with Chambor Tender Tuberose Fragrance mist:

The fragrance of this mist is strong and musky. It keeps you smelling fresh for long hours. The citrusy smell is quite evident from the top note in the start. After which it fades to smell more like tuberose and jasmine. After the top and middle notes have fade, you still smell fresh and active due to the fragrance of white musk in it. So if you like musky fragrances than be rest assured to like this one too.

The stay power of this mist is considerably long. It’s an average mist in my view which smells more of citrusy than anything.


On my personal experience I rate this product 7 out of 10

Will I recommend this product again?

Well I am neutral on this view. Since fragrance liking depends on individual choice I won’t comment on whether you should buy this one or not. But what I can suggest is go for a trial pack if available (something like this sample bottle) and then buy so you don’t go wrong with the decision.


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