Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04 Reviews


Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04 Reviews

Hey girls, today’s product is from Chanel. Today, I have brought a review of a lipstick from Chanel. The name of the product is “Chanel fric frac lipstick 04″. The color is dark mauve! A bit bold to carry, but this won’t bother you if you have a fair complexion. Though ladies with dark complexion can also give it a try. If you want to start your day with a fresh and energetic look ,you must apply this shade from Chanel. As this shade is enough in itself to give your face a bold new look.  Read further for more details on Chanel fric frac lipstick 04:

Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04

Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04

Product Description

  • This product is called chanel “fric frac lipstick” “shade 04″
  • It is glamorous color for all young ladies.
  • This lip color gives you with glossy lips.
  • Good for both parties as well as daily use.

Direction for Use:

You may apply it directly on to your lips starting from the centre and then moving to the corners by covering the contours or you may first moisturize your lips with a balm if you don’t want it to dry up soon on your lips.

Shelf Life: 

3 years or more

Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04

Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04



600 rupees (online you may get discount)


The packaging of the lipstick is of black color. The cap of the lipstick tucks tight on the lower body which makes the lip color safe from dust and travel friendly. The material used to make the outer part of the lipstick bullet is plastic.


A silky smooth and glossy texture, which makes the lipstick to glide really easily on lips. Moreover, just 2 coats are sufficient to get a bold color on lips.

Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04

Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04

Key Ingredients 

Not mentioned

Pros of Chanel fric frac lipstick 04

  • The beautiful dark shade of “Chanel fric frac lipstick 04” is the uniqueness of this product.
  • This product from Chanel moisturizes lips really well.
  • This dark mauve “04” color should suit almost every Indian skin tone.
  • The color settles well on lips and does not smudge at all unless you rub it by your hand or tissue.
  • Does not settle in fine lines for a long period of time.
  • Easy to apply due to smooth texture.
  • Suits Pigmented lips also.

Cons Chanel fric frac lipstick 04

  • The dark shade “04” of Chanel fric frac lipstick might not be your favorite
  • A bit expensive (above rupees 600)
  • For summer season the lipstick may not be a good choice.
    Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04

    Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04

My Experience with Chanel fric frac lipstick 04

All over, the lipstick gets a good feedback from me. I got this lipstick from airport duty free shop! You may get this online also. I love this color a lot, as when I apply a dark shade on lips I don’t have to do any other makeup of my face! The texture of the lipstick is really good but it stays on for not more than 3 hours on the lips. Moreover the shade goes to lighter tone by the end of the third hour! I did not use any moisturizer or lip balm before applying the lipstick as it wasn’t needed.  There is no smell in the lipstick. During summer season I found that the lipstick started melting due to high temperature, so I shifted this lipstick to a cool and dry place.

Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04

Chanel Fric Frac Lipstick 04



Whether I would recommend this product again: 

Yea, sure! This shade is good to almost every skin tone. You must give this shade or some other shade from Chanel a try!


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