Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit Reviews


Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit Reviews

Hey Girlzz!! Whats up?? How is everything? Hope you all are doing fine and in a good health?? Well, I am back here, with a new review of my new purchase, which is not at all expensive and each and every one can give it a try once. Well, I am not going to stretch it too long, as I am talking about the new, one time facial kit, which I have bought. It is actually good and it an herbal facial kit that has all the needs in one pack. So, without wasting time I am going to share with you all, about this product by ban lab…..

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

Product Description

This product is a combination pack that is novel single use, it is hygienic and fresh herbal facial kit. All the things that are used for one time facial, is available inside the pack and that is a cleanser, exfoliating scrub, spa massage cream, face pack and rejuvenating and fairness cream. So, all the things you need, for a facial, you get it here in a pack, which is of very low-cost.

Directions of Use

Well, for using this, following directions has to be followed and all the details are available on the pack, as well as inside the pack, on every single packet. There are five steps that has to followed, as the way it is given, for the best results. Detailed instructions are mentioned on individual pouch.

Keep the facial kit in the refrigerator, for half an hour, prior to facial.

Use head band, to keep your hair away from face, while doing facial.

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit


Shelf Life

2 years from the date of manufacture.


30 INR for approx. 25gms.

Skin Type

Not mentioned.

(Well, I have normal skin and I had no problem in using it, and it is suitable for dry skin too, as my mother used it too, and it suited her as well.)


Texture is creamy and it feels awesome when took out from refrigerator and massaged on face.

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit


The packaging of the facial kit is so cute, and I just fell in love with it, as soon as I saw it. I purchased it, just because of its cuteness and luckily it suited me…phew. The five step herbal facial kit comes in five pouch, inside a small beautiful kit.

Key Ingredients

All the five step pouch has all the ingredients printed at the back of the each pouch.

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

Pros of Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

  • It’s inexpensive.
  • It has full five step facial steps, in one kit.
  • All the ingredients are mentioned in each pouch.
  • It’s herbal facial kit.
  • The instruction are clearly mentioned.
  • It is affordable for everyone.
  • It’s hygienic.
  • One time use kit.

Cons of Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

I have no cons for this product, as in this price, the company is giving too much and a good quality product, with proper descriptions.

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

My Experience with Charm and Glow Herbal Facial Kit

Guys…who is not going to love this product, as in this thirty bucks, you are getting all five step facial needs in one kit and with all the instructions. I have used it, and it is awesome and I used it as I=t is said and stored in the refrigerator, before using it. Girls; the effect it gives when you apply it cold on your face, you won’t believe it, that in this value, you are getting this quality and in this era. Hats off to this herbal facial kit.


I would love to give full five but I will give 4.8 out of 5 to this product, as I don’t know, what it does for oily skin.


Girlzz!! Try it once. It is not going to bother your pockets and it will give you a satisfaction of facial at home. I think, all of you should try this kit once.


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