Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream Review


Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream Review

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Hhow have you been? Have you ever wondered if you can get something, which provides you more moisture than your regular body lotion or moisturizer. It seems an endless search to find a perfect product which suits to our requirements. Well, in my recent visit to my local cosmetic store, I saw a new cream it’s from chicco brand. Yes, you got it right, that’s a brand famous for baby products. When I checked the benefits of this cream, I couldn’t resist my self from buying one for me, as it’s no rule that grown-ups can’t use baby products ;-). Let’s have a look, how this cream works.

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Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream

Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream

Product Description of Chicco baby moments rich cream

This is a rich cream from chicco. It’s a parabens free product, this quality you won’t find in normal moisturizers. This product is hypoallergenic (formulated to minimize the risk of skin allergies), clinically tested on sensitive skin, and comes with vitamin E. This cream contains oils rich in omega-3 and vitamin E and nourishes skin deeply. Ideal for use on dry skin areas. Its dye and alcohol free too. After reading all this you are already fancies to buy one, am I right.

Direction for Use

Take out some quantity on your hands and apply on the areas which are dry. Keep spreading it, until it absorbs into the skin. If you have dry skin you can use it for your face too.

Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream

Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream


Shelf Life

No such information is provided on pack, but I know once you start using it, it won’t last long.

Price & Quantity

100ml of tube is priced at 375rs

Skin Type

Suitable for dry skin


This cream comes in an off white tube packaging. It has a same color cap with flap opening. Its packaging is leak proof and handy too. So you can travel with it, and I will advise to keep it in your purse. It will work all in one as your hand cream, moisturizer, and body lotion. So no need to carry all other things.

Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream

Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream


This cream has a thick texture. It’s white in color. If you are planning to use it in summer, you’ll feel a bit hot after applying this. You have to put extra effort to even out this cream because of its thick texture. It has a very mild pleasant fragrance. You are going to like your skin a lot after its use.

Key Ingredients

No such information is provided on pack.

Pro’s of Chicco baby moments rich cream

  • Paraben free
  • Dye and alcohol free
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Clinically tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gives instant moisturization
  • Can be used for babies to adults 

Con’s of Chicco baby moments rich cream

  • Can not used in summers
Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream

Chicco Baby Moments Rich Cream

My Experience with Chicco baby moments rich cream

My experience with this cream has been great. Sometime I feel my skin requires more than a body lotion or sometime after hand wash I feel like applying a moisturizer. Hand cream and other moisturizers are sometimes boring and not as moisturizing as our skin requires. So I always keep this with me, so I can apply it whenever I feel like, be it my dry hands, cracked heels or dry skin. So This is my perfect travel partner too. It also has so many qualities which makes it more desirable. It’s feature rich ingredients makes it real good to use.


I would rate this cream 5/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes, I would surely recommend this cream again.


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