Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review


Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review

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Clean and Clear a much trusted brand by girls all over the world to sort out their skin problems has come up with a new variant This new baby is called, The Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash and has a unique Pink tinge making it appear quite distinctive from all the earlier variants. While the basic Clean and Clear face wash is aimed at clearing out pimples, the morning energy variants have lovely fruit fragrances to add a punch of energy in your skincare routine, this one has been infused with Rosewater and honey to make your skin feel fresh and nourished. Let us read about this product and my experience with it in further details below..

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Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Product description of Clean and Clear natural bright face wash

As per the product claims, this product has been especially formulated to take care of young skin and it’s various problems. Just like all other clean and clear face washes, this product helps to reduce the oiliness on your face and keep your facial pores fresh and clean so as to prevent clogging and development of pimples. However, it also has natural ingredients such as, Rose Water, Honey, Glycerin and Cinnamon to deeply nourish your skin and to maintain the natural moisture balance.


INR 60 for 50 ml of the product

INR 110 for 100 ml

Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash


It comes in a transparent bottle made up out of plastic. The bottle has a flip-open cap and needs to be squeezed a bit to pour out the product. To identify this product, just look out for the symbol of Rose in Pink color over the face wash bottle.

Directions of usage

Pour out the required quantity of the product on wet palms and massage your face using circular motions. The face wash foams really well and cleans excess oil, dirt and impurities effectively. It has a mesmerizing fragrance, too.

Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash



It has a clear gel like appearance and is neither too viscous nor to runny. Some bubbles have been incorporated into the face wash to give it a rather quirky appearance.

Key Ingredients

Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

Pros of Clean and Clear natural bright face wash

  • Light weight bottle that is leak proof and travel friendly
  • Attractive colour of the product
  • Awesome fragrance with notes of Rose, Cinnamon and is the best skin you can treat your olfactory senses with.
  • Little quantity of the product required per usage
  • It lathers really well
  • It helps to clean off extra oil on your face and other impurities
  • Makes complexion look bright and oil free upon usage
  • Cinnamon is great for those suffering from acne problem Rose water acts as a face freshener, anti-inflammatory and a natural astringent
  • Honey also helps to unclog pores and nourish your skin
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Does not leave behind and sticky-soapy feeling
  • Does not strip off the natural moisture of your skin
  • Helps to remove superficial tanning if used daily
  • No side effects or break outs
  • Two different sizes of the packaging are available

Cons of Clean and Clear natural bright face wash

Absolutely none

My experience with the product Clean and Clear natural bright face wash

I tried the all new Clean & Clear Natural Bright face wash in association with BlogAdda,com. If you want to reveal your natural brightness you can buy it here.

I have been using this product for nearly 10 days now and I have had a pleasant experience so far. The best part about this product is it’s zesty fragrance that helps you kick start your day on a very positive note. Also, I find the part that it does not deprive my skin of moisture, something really good as I do not have to rush for a face lotion right after washing my face. Rose and honey work together to remove impurities, tanning and extra oil and reveal a bright, fresh complexion. I have noticed a much reduction in popping up of pimples since the time, I started using this face wash.



Would I recommend this product to others?

Yes, absolutely, I would love to recommend this product for daily basis usage, to all the young girls out there so that they can feel naturally confident and beautiful. You can easily buy this product online.


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