Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner Review


Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner

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The item I am checking today is Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner. I was pondering for long about absence of Clinic Plus item’s review on makeup era. So I chose to set up this one. I got this conditioner free with enormous, pump jug of Clinic Plus Shampoo. I am utilizing this conditioner for truly quite a while now and I am certain I could do justice to this conditioner beyond any doubt.

Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner

Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner

Bearings to utilize:

  • Apply on whole length of hair in the wake of washing off cleanser
  •  Wash following 1 moment, to get delicate satiny hair.

For best comes about, use consistently with center in addition to cleanser. It accompanies durable flip-fold top bundling which is travel well disposed. It administers just perfect measure of item without wastage.

Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner

Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner


  • Lesser cost than different conditioners
  • Makes hair delicate and glossy, if not all that luxurious
  • It could be utilized to full length of hair. Very little items do that
  •  Travel inviting bundling
  •  Nice odor, in the same way as center in addition to shampoos. Not over-fueling.


Anyways, again to conditioner. The primary day, I washed my hair with cleanser yet did not utilize conditioner. My hair was as dry and unpleasant as said in the item portrayal. I needed to contribute so much time battling the frizz; even my framework serum couldn’t settle them well.

My experience for Clinic Plus Soft & Silky Conditioner

Indeed these days, clinic plus is the most loved among children. Haven’t you young ladies recognized? I have utilized clinic plus shampoo for quite a while. At that point I developed out of it and moved to different shampoos furthermore began to utilize conditioner in the wake of shampooing my hair.

Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner

Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner

I am a Dove supporter now however a couple of days back I needed to change between shampoos to stay away from item development, and one of my companion who has sleek, straight, waist length hair let me know that she is utilizing Clinic in addition to made me purchase this cleanser once more. This conditioner came free with the cleanser.

I was not mindful that clinic plus has dispatched conditioner however after some exploration I observed that they had propelled the conditioner eventually back. Well before talking about conditioner, let me let you know my bring with cleanser in short. I AM NOT HAPPY.

My rating for Clinic Plus Soft & Silky Conditioner

I can give 6 out of 10 to this product.  It’s drying actually dries out my hair excessively. The frizz makes my hair actually stand straight on my head and I need to battle a ton to settle them.

Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner

Clinic Plus Soft and Silky Cream Conditioner

It’s fortunate about cleanser this is it cleans earth and contamination out of my hair really well. Else I am frustrated with the cleanser. To make me know your points use comment, till my next post “Be stylish and spicy”.


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  • ridhima

    It made my hair rough after a few uses …

  • carrie

    Average conditioner :/

  • shruti

    Nice review…

  • aaliya

    weighs down my hair :(