Clinique Different Lipstick Review


Clinique Different Lipstick Review – Tender Heart

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After a really- really long time, I finally found a lipstick I could do a review on. Now, that is a little surprising for me, because it is one of that lipstick that I use the most and still didn’t come around to review it till now. It is no news that I am more bent toward the red and pink family but we all need that one nude lipstick that we can wear with style.

My nude color is Clinique Different Lipstick – Tender Heart. And I will be reviewing the same for you all today!

Clinique as a brand is really fabulous .I can’t say too much about it as I haven’t really used a lot of its products, but the one that I have were really good… This one was a very thankful gift from one of my friend. Thankful because if she wouldn’t have gifted me this I would have never tried this color on my own.

Before I move ahead with the details of this product let me also talk about another lip color that I reviewed recently. This one is called Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipcolor. It is brilliant and has been recently launched in India.

Read more about it by just clicking the link above. 

Clinique Different Lipstick

Clinique Different Lipstick

Product Description of Clinique Different Lipstick – Tender Heart

This lipstick claims to be different because it is smooth and has a very comfortable and soft feel to it.  Each and every lipstick is packed with rich emollients.

Direction for Use

You have to use this one as you would any other lip color.  It is not dry so you would not really need a moisturizing base.

It glides over your lips easily and keeps them moisturized. 

Clinique Different Lipstick

Clinique Different Lipstick


Shelf Life

2 years or 24 months from the date of packaging! 

Price & Quantity

$14.50; 4 grams 

Skin Type

This one is suitable for all skin types. It is mild and skin friendly and does not have any adverse effects on the lips.

Clinique Different Lipstick

Clinique Different Lipstick


This lipstick comes in a light green plastic cover. It is sturdy and compact and easy to carry.


Clinique Different Lipstick – Tender Heart is very smooth and soft. It is moisturizing in nature and does not dry the lips at all.

It is easy to apply and glides over the lips.

The color is a beautiful nude and looks beautiful.

The fragrance is mild. 

Clinique Different Lipstick

Clinique Different Lipstick

Key Ingredients

It’s not really mentioned anywhere.

Pros Clinique Different Lipstick – Tender Heart

  • Not too expensive
  • Available in all major cities in India
  • not dry at all
  • elegant packaging
  • moisturizes the lips
  • easy to remove
  • great for everyday use
  • suitable for all skin tones
  • gives a very subtle and soft shine to your lips
  • lasts long 

Cons Clinique Different Lipstick – Tender Heart

  • Availability might be a little bit of a problem.
Clinique Different Lipstick

Clinique Different Lipstick

My Experience with Clinique Different Lipstick – Tender Heart

My personal experience with this lipstick has been really good. This shade is rare and unique and suits almost everybody.

This one received a lot of compliments!


5/5 it is perfect! I am never letting this one go!

Whether I would recommend this product again:

I would for sure. It is one of the best shades that I have owned and I am never letting this one go. The best part is that you can apply it according to the shade that you prefer. One glide will give you a perfect lip gloss look. You can darken it according to your preference and requirement. I will for sure give Clinique Different Lipstick – Tender Heart a thumbs up!


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