Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste Reviews


Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste Reviews

Hello beauties hope you all are doing well…!! Haven’t you all seen the closeup’s paaasss aao paass aooo na ad, where that girl is perfectly shinning her super white shiny teeth. I was a little intrigued about the toothpaste then and yes I know they totally exaggerated the whiteness thing. They even mentioned that you will get white teeth in one was, I being an avid lipstick lover have to constantly be conscious about my teeth because some lippies do make it look yellow. So I decided to buy this. In my last post I wrote about W7 lipstick and how it was a superb lipstick so let’s find out if all the claims of this product are true or not.

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Product Description of Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Diamond Attraction – Power White

Now make heads turn every time you walk into a room with your dazzling white smile.

For the first time a revolutionary new Closeup range, co-created with cosmetic dentists – our most advanced innovation yet.

Inspired by the technologies in Cosmetic Dentistry to give you the white smile that will captivate everyone around you!

Power White

With Blue Light Technology.

This toothpaste has revolutionary Blue Light Technology. When you brush with it, you see the unique blue foam in action.

After brushing, the blue is gone… and your teeth are visibly whiter than ever before. Right from the first brush! It also provides gradual whitening with regular use.

For a smile so desirable, others can’t help but get closer to you.

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste


Direction for Use

Use a pea size amount and brush atleast twice a day

Shelf Life

Two years from the manufactured date

Price & Quantity

INR 79 for 100gm

INR 40 for 50 gm


This toothpaste comes in a tube like packaging same like normal toothpastes it has a screw on cap. This toothpaste tube is black in colour with silver font on it which looks quite attractive. Overall the packaging is quite compact and travel friendly. It can easily fit into our small purses or clutches too.

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste


The texture of this toothpaste is thick and gel like. It has double colour gel, dark blue and silver coloured both of the colours have minute shimmer in them

Key Ingredients

Sorbitol, water, hydrated silica, sodium lauryl sulphate, flavour, cellulose gum, trisodium phosphate, sodium fluoride, sodium saccharin, copolymer, mica/CI 77019, limonene

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Pros of Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

  • True to its claim
  • Affordable
  • Lovely sweet taste
  • Provides instant freshness
  • Packaging is quite attractive

Cons of Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

  • Nothing that I could think of
Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

My Experience with Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Honestly when I first used this toothpaste I expected to see very bright white shiny teeth, obviously you all know that was not achieved. But on closer observation, saw that there was a brightening/ whitening effect on my teeth. I have used this toothpaste for almost a week now and I can confidently say that it does show visible whitening effects on your teeth. This toothpaste acts like a illuminator for your teeth and is perfect when you want to show off your good looking teeth in those gorgeous photographs or selfies

Rating for Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Totally 5/5

Whether I would recommend Closeup Diamond Attraction Toothpaste

Yes I would absolutely recommend this product to everyone. And beauties who are lipstick addict like me this is a must have product. Also this product will totally help in getting rid of those coffee stains. So immediately go and buy it also the taste is quite awesome so it Is definitely a plus.


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