Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray Review


Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray Review

Hello pretty ladies..!! Well, today’s review is recommended for the all those readers who are mad for fragrances! As my product that would be discussed is for women!! But in my view it is a unisex one. This is such a perfume that no one can refrain themselves to use it. It is very much popular in markets. It is a great combination and in my words it is a perfect fragrance! Honestly, it is a strong perfume I like wearing on strong fragrance on me that is noticeable! You must read further to know how it is actually!

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Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray

Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray

Product description

Club de nuit woman perfume body spray. Is one of the intimate composition of floral notes of rose, peony, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley. The heart of the perfume blends with eucalyptus, pear blossom, orchid and syringa. This is an oriental base that includes sandal and Tonka bean.

Direction for use

Apply it directly onto your skin or clothes. Where ever you want.

Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray

Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray

Shelf life

3 years


Rupees 375. Its averagely priced.


Fabulous packaging I just love the big cap that tucks upon the cute pink steel bottle. The mirror like sheet upon the cap is very attractive one! The spray nozzle is very smooth and easy to press.

Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray

Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray



This is a pure liquid perfume. It is such a formulation of liquid that evaporates quickly from clothes I mean it does not leave patches.

Key ingredients

See below.

Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray

Club de Nuit Woman Perfume Body Spray

Pros of Club de nuit woman perfume body spray

  • This perfume has an amazing fragrance
  • Retains up to whole day.
  • More of the citrus fragrance is there
  • Does not leave any kind of patch
  • Averagely costly

Cons of Club de nuit woman perfume body spray

  • You might find a bit synthetic smell while smelling.

My experience with Club de nuit woman perfume body spray

Club de nuit for woman is one of the first effective and worthy fragrances that I purchased as when I discovered my love for the smell-related products! Upon revisiting this shopper’s stop I was surprised yet realized and find it not all-that-bad perfume for myself…it could be that since early 2015 I have encountered or faced some truly hideous scents that make Club de nuit smell really respectable or you can say that Club de nuit is actually a decent stuff.

Club de nuit is a fabulous scent that opens with a lime-dominated or you can say a citrus blast! There is barely or no scent of a lavender note. The lime being one of the best but isn’t the most realistic-smell, but neither is any fake rendition on the market. Then it comes onto the warmth of the middle notes and it comes in its lots of well melded spicy-warm notes of nutmeg, coriander, some of the cardamom, it also has the coriander that is standing out the most these things keep the fragrance smooth.  I admit that there is a slight hint of synthetic feel to the fragrance and discordant lime-spiced woods feel which I personally do not feel right.

If I talk about the retaining of the fragrance then my both thumbs are up for this product it is one of the magical one’s even washing my clothes there remains a slight subtle smell of this product!  Many a times I have experienced that perfumes leaves patches up on my clothes due to excess oil content in it but this one is totally different! Neither it has excess oil and neither it destroys my clothes.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes I will recommend it for sure! Buy it and use it.


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