Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo Review


Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo Review

Hello all beautiful ladies, here I have brought an awesome product to enhance your eyes. As you know that whenever you do your make up, then highlighting your eyes is a must and also if you choose a wrong product for your look you mess up with everything and end up with a frustrated mood. This review is about mascara! Mascara gives an enhancement to your eyes and defines it more neatly, without mascara your eyes are just like a daily look, but after you apply mascara you will surely find a 100% difference. The mascara from colorbar is LAST ILLUSION MASCARA DUO this is very nice and easy to use mascara. It is two-in-one mascara tube.

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo

Product description:

Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo- Carbon Black is a product that can make your eyelashes look long and thick naturally with its lash volumizing and lash lengthening formula. It even helps to prevent lashes from breaking or falling and the best part is that it is water resistant. This Mascara doesn’t clump or flake and is perfect for sensitive eyes and people wearing contact lenses.

Direction For Use

  • The process of applying mascara is not at all difficult
  • Apply mascara directly on eyelashes holding the wand
  • Curl the lashes by applying it 5-6 times
  • I use it daily as it is easy, quick to dry and easy on eyes and is comfortable to apply 

Effect of lengthening lash

As you can see the effect of lengthening lash is not so effective, it just enhances your lash line and extends the normal lash length.

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo


Effect of voumising mascara

This has a very nice effect and as you can see the lashes has increased in the volume and are looking more effective.

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo

Shelf Life

Aprox 3 months which a good time far a mascara to stay.


The MRP for this product is 399. It is not at all costly as it is 2 mascaras in one! So you are getting on an average for rs 200!


It comes sealed in a plastic sheet, and no complicates packing as such . just check the seal when you buy

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo


The texture of mascara is really smooth and easy to use. I did not found any lumps in it.

Key Ingredients

The contents are made in Italy. The company has not mentioned any ingredients of this product.

Pros of colorbar lash illusion mascara duo

  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to apply
  • Do not dry soon in the bottle
  • It is 2 in 1 mascara; we do not have to run around for different type of lash curlers
  • Light in weight

Cons of colorbar lash illusion mascara duo

  • It feels a bit heavy on eye after applying it
  • It is not a waterproof one
  • If you rub your eyes it comes out and spoils the look
    Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo

    Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo

My Experience with colorbar lash illusion mascara duo

I was looking for good eye mascara and I came across this colorbar lash illusion mascara duo! When I was buying it I first asked the person in charge to first try me with the tester after applying the tester which was almost a month old, the effect on my eyes was very good! And I did not made a delay and buy it! This mascara is perfect for any eye. For me it is a savior for my daily and party look both! As it contains 2 lash curler stick which is its best part.

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo

Colorbar Lash illusion Mascara duo


I would give 4.5/5

Whether I would recommend this product again:

Yes! It is an awesome mascara you must try it. You will love the changes!


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