Coloressence Lip Colors Review


Coloressence Lip Colors Review

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Well! I am back with yet another amazing review for all you special people. All of us ladies love our lip colors and why shouldn’t we? We have so much of variety in brands and colors available to us that making a decision normally gets a little difficult. Not anymore! This is exactly why the Makeupera team works so hard, to ensure that you can find out exactly what you need to know before buying any product and never go wrong.

Today I am going to review about three shades of lip colors. These are called Coloressence Lip Colors.

The shades I will be talking about are-

  1. Poetry in pink
  2. Nude suede
  3. Passionate pink

I hope you all are as excited to read about this lipstick haul as I am do be doing this for you.

Coloressence is a great brand. I say that because the products that it offers are easily available, easy on the pockets and are of good quality too. I think it a total win-win situation!

I am going to tell you tons about these lipsticks just in a short time but before that I would love to draw your attention to another product review that I did. This one is on Johnson’s Baby Lotion. It is a great lotion and one of my personal all-time favorite. Please read more about it in the review that I have linked for you right above.

Coloressence Lip Colors

Coloressence Lip Colors

Product Description of Coloressence Lip Colors

According to website-

It gives you a dazzling crystal like effect which leaves your lips in a fabulous soft texture. The innovative formula of vitamin E, jojoba oil and liquorice extract reduces lines, repair cracked lips and gives you an enticing glossy finish for optically more volume.

This moisture rich lip color nourishes and protects your lips from dryness. The unique coriander and basil extract with SPF-15 gives you a full coverage look with satin, smooth finish and long wear texture. It is available in 29 shades

Direction for Use

Apply the lipstick in clear strokes on your lips.

Start applying from the center of your upper lip. Work from the center towards the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Glide across the entire bottom lip.

In case you find it dry (because I did, with nude suede), just dab a little gloss on your lips.

Coloressence Lip Colors

Coloressence Lip Colors


Shelf Life

3 years or 36 months from the date of manufacturing

Price and quantity

INR 160; 4 grams


The packaging for this product is very similar to that of any other Coloressence product. The pack is black in color with a silver strip in between which separates the cap from the body.

Nude suede has a transparent base that helps you see the shade from the outside.

Coloressence Lip Colors

Coloressence Lip Colors


Both the pink shades are moisturizing and smooth. They are easy to apply and leave your lips feeling nourished and soft.

I did however find the nude shade very dry on application. So I apply a tad bit of balm before applying this one.


Coloressence Lip Colors

Coloressence Lip Colors


Coloressence Lip Colors

Coloressence Lip Colors


Coloressence Lip Colors

Coloressence Lip Colors

Key Ingredients

  • Almond oil
  • Vitamin-E
  • Coriander extracts
  • Basil extracts 

Pros Coloressence Lip Colors

  • Easily available
  • Many colors available in the range
  • Very reasonable
  • Good quality
  • Long lasting 

Cons Coloressence Lip Colors

Some of its shade don’t give a very smooth texture

My Experience with Coloressence Lip Colors

It didn’t make it to my favourite list, but for this price it’s a good buy



Whether I would recommend this product again:



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