Davidoff Cool Water Perfume Review


Davidoff Cool Water Perfume Review

Hey lovely ladies, How are you all doing? Hmm.. so, it is peak summer in Delhi and it happens to be just the perfect excuse for me to splurge some money on a nice, refreshing perfume. I was on a hunt for a refreshing, oceanic- oriental smell. A friend suggested me to buy the Davidoff cool water for women perfume. I picked it up online as a part of some deal and am more than happy about owning this awesome number!!Read on further for more details…

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Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

Product description

Davidoff perfumes happen to be an icon among fragrances. The smell has a cool element to it that is great for summers. It gives a plash of glistening of water over skin. It has mixed aquatic, ozonic, botanical and floral notes that give any woman an ultimate confidence boost.

Predominant fragrance notes

Top notes: Honeydew Melon, Quince, Pineapple, Lotus, Lily, Citruses, Ozonic notes

Heart notes: May Rose, Jasmine, and Muguet

Base notes: Musk, Vanilla, Peach, Sandalwood, Orris, and Vetiver

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume


Directions for use:

Spray over pulse points preferably on a petroleum jelly base, well rubbed into skin for longer lasting fragrance.


$23 for 50ml


It comes in a blue tinged, see through glass bottle. The cap is very artistically designed. It is not travel friendly for obvious reasons.


It is watery in texture. It takes a minute or so to dry out and evaporate and does not leave behind any sticky residue.

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

Pros of Davidoff cool water perfume

  • Beautiful packaging that is worth decorating in your vanity dressing table
  • The light Blue tinge is refreshing to look at.
  • The cap closes tightly and does not keep budging.
  • It is see through so you can see how much product is left.
  • It dries out without leaving behind any sticky sensation on skin.
  • The fragrance itself is very refreshing and feminine therefore suitable for wear all throughout the year.
  • The pump is user friendly.
  • The lasting power is good enough.

Cons of Davidoff cool water perfume

  • The glass bottle is not travel friendly.
  • Expensive but then, most perfumes are!

Key ingredients

please refer to the image

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

My experience with Davidoff cool water perfume

I love wearing this Davidoff Cool Water fragrance a lot while at work or a casual hang out with friends. The nature of the fragrance is moderate and very versatile. Its smell masks the body odour really well in even the most humid of summers. It is great to make you feel fresh and smelling good all day long. This unisex fragrance lasts for many hours with just two to three sprays.

The first notes perceptible by my nose are smell subtle citrus and light florals. Middle notes that surface are of an aquatic. Crisp smell. Final notes to appear are light musk and sandalwood. This is a fresh and crisp perfume and I love it to the core. This is not a typical girly fragrance, though.



whether I would recommend this product again?

If you are a lover of good fragrances and like to try out variety then, you should go ahead and give it a try. If you want something deep, warm, woody or fruity, this might not be your taste. Again, for those who are looking for a floral, citrus and crunchy aqua smell, you are going to find this awesome. Though expensive, I found this number worth the amount spent.


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