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Enhance your Beauty with Dove Beauty Cream

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Today I will give you updates on Dove Beauty Cream. This cream is purchased by my aunty from Saudi which I am utilizing for last few weeks. It’s great; I am appreciating it a lot. Beauty is all about your inner soul and to add glitter to your soul we use make up.

Our skin must be taken great care with cleanser and moisture. However oily skin, always remember that it needs dampness. Your skin will thank you for it over the long haul. I am really guilty about this part since I am lazy to put on a lotion frequently.

Dove Beauty Cream

Dove Beauty Cream


Water,Stearic acid,Sorbitol,Mineral oil,Glyceryl stearate,Aluminium starch, octenylsuccinate,Caprylic, Triglyceride, Petrolactum ,Theobroma Cocao, Seed Butter, Silicon, Dimethicon, Cetyl Alcohol, Magnesium aluminium silicate,Carbomer, pottassium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Perfume,Phenoxy Ethanol, Methyl Paraben,Propyl baraben,Linalool.

Pros for Dove Beauty Cream

  • Smooth creamy surface.
  • Has a thick consistency which spreads effectively on skin.
  • Gets absorbed effortlessly without out deserting any oiliness.
  • Moisturized skin truly well.
  • Can be utilized by sleek skin delights.
  • Has a decent flower aroma.
  • Comes in decent tough bundling.
    Dove Beauty Cream

    Dove Beauty Cream

Cons for Dove Beauty Cream

  • It gives my facial skin a slight stretchy feeling for the initial five minutes of use.
  • Tub packaging is not hygienic.
  • Accessibility in India may be an issue.
    Dove Beauty Cream

    Dove Beauty Cream


My Experience for Dove Beauty Cream:

This cream has an exceptionally smooth, creamy surface and it get absorbed in skin rapidly. It is light weight and does not make skin oily at all so it can likewise be utilized by oily skin beauties.

Firstly, I utilized this cream all over, when I massaged it all places on my face it got immediately absorbed giving a slight stretchy feeling to my skin which disappeared following 5 minutes. And the moisturized my skin truly well and for quite a while I didn’t need to reapply it, I continued utilizing it for approximately two weeks and this cream did not broke me out whatsoever.

Dove Beauty Cream

Dove Beauty Cream

But since of the stretchy feeling it was giving for me for the initial five minutes after application I stopped utilizing it for my face and began utilizing it for my hands and foot. Furthermore yes it truly functioned well for my hands and foot; it moisturized them truly well and keeps them delicate & supple. It has an extremely mild fragrance which I love, however the fragrance does not linger for a very long time.

Overall I love utilizing this cream for my hands & foot. And I love it for my face as well however doesn’t know why it provided for me that stretchy feeling. Symbol miserable I think I need to ask my close relative to present to me some a greater amount of these as i get its accessibility in India will be an issue.

Dove Beauty Cream

Dove Beauty Cream

My Rating

I will like to rate 7 out of 10. The cream comes in a pink shaded thin tub packaging with a white cover. The packaging is extremely travel friendly as the tops fits firmly and the tub is thin so it will fit effectively in your purse.

The main issue with all the tub packaging items is that it is not hygienic whatsoever. This is all for today, keep following my post and don’t forget to look “Stylish and Spicy”……..


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