Dove daily shine shampoo Review


Dove daily shine shampoo Review

Hey girls.!! Do you have bouncy hair? Or you must be having hair that you feel like touching every moment! No?? Well, it is the truth that we really long for having bouncy and beautiful hair but that is only possible by going to salons and doing expensive treatments ! It is indeed a sad truth but wait! the product I am reviewing today will solve your issue of frizzy, or unmanageable hair! It’s the shampoo from dove! This shampoo is the good for all hair types and it really shows the results that no other product has shown! It actually makes the texture of your hair better and smoother than before. It makes the hair healthier. For more details please read further.

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Dove daily shine shampoo

Dove daily shine shampoo

Product description

Dove has dedicated in providing superior care solutions for your beautiful hair which might face dryness and damage due to harmful dust and pollution! Due to this reason dove has developed a specific tailored range- nutritive solutions to make dry hair feel nourished and solve the damage problem and help to repair them.

Directions for use

Use this shampoo on wet hair. The best way to use any type of shampoo is by diluting the products and water in a small proportion and letting the water be thick with the soapy content. Now pour this soapy solution all over your head and then agitate a bit till you create some froth. Rinse your hair thoroughly. By this way the chemical contents do not contact directly to your scalp!

Dove daily shine shampoo

Dove daily shine shampoo


Shelf life

2 years


420 for a 650 ml bottle! That quite affordable enough.


The bottle I have of the “dove daily shine shampoo” is a big one! And this has a really intelligent packaging. It has a push up nozzle which allows the shampoo delivery really easily. It is really convenient to use the product with this packaging without any wastage.

Dove daily shine shampoo

Dove daily shine shampoo


The texture of the shampoo is in thick lather like liquid! The texture is such that is gets easily dissolved within the water (if you follow the above directions). But if you directly pour the liquid to your scalp then also it easily spreads all over your scalp. The liquid also has some shiny particles in it. Moreover the texture turns into a good amount of froth that easily pulls out the dirt particles out of my head.

Key ingredients

Refer the picture below

Dove daily shine shampoo

Dove daily shine shampoo

Pros of Dove daily shine shampoo

  • It shows the results that it promises
  • It helps to make my hair healthier
  • It does provide a good shine to my hair
  • It has an amazing fragrance

Cons of Dove daily shine shampoo

  • Contains sulphate.
Dove daily shine shampoo

Dove daily shine shampoo

My experience with Dove daily shine shampoo

I love this shampoo! I had a misconception that washing hair much will harm my hair! But using this shampoo more has actually made my hair healthier and bouncy! The shampoo has a great packaging. The liquid inside the bottle has a great coverage and creates lots and lots of froth. The fragrance in the liquid is also very soothing. My hair has also gained some length after using this shampoo. The best thing which I think in this product is that I didn’t find any need to apply any conditioner after washing my hair with the “dove daily shine” shampoo! This protects “actually” protects my hair from the daily wear and tear.  All in all this is such a product that no one will regret buying.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Of Course I will.


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