Dr Reddys Mintop hair fall solution Review


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I was thinking of writing this up later in morning, but I’m not sleepy yet though it’s already been 00:00, so I decided to write it up now, before anyone else does the same XD. What I’m going to write now is something that every beauty had to go through in a phase of her life; some are still having this problem, it’s the falling of hair. For me this problem started during my higher-secondary school days, I hardly used to get time for taking care of my skin-hair. I didn’t even get much time to oil my hair before a shampoo. I got a severe hairball problem which turned up to be alopecia. I visited to many beauticians but they were unable to give me a right yet permanent solution to it. Then my mother brought me to a dermatologist, he prescribed me a miraculous solution that didn’t only get me rid of it, but also helped my hair to regrow. My today’s review is about that, Dr. Reddy’s Minoxidil Topical Solution (in short Mintop) 2%. Now it’s been around 4 years I’m using this product and it worked magically on my scalp. I’m no hair expert to give an exact description of the features of this product, but my review is completely based on the points I’ve experienced by myself.

Dr Reddys Mintop hair fall solution

Dr Reddys Mintop hair fall solution

Product Description: Dr. Reddy’s Mintop hair fall solution is available in 2%, 5% and 10%. 2% and 10% are for females while 5% is for males. I was using 10% during my alopecia and after getting over it I’ve been using Mintop 2% solution as daily hair-care. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle, with a dropper attached, and is beautifully packed in a cardboard box. The solution is little heavy with a light yellowish color and a medicinal smell. I personally don’t like that smell much but keeping in mind the other benefits of this product, I can live with it.

You don’t even need to spend much bucks to get it, compared to its goodness-es, just Rs. 195 for a pack of 60ML. This product is having a shelf life of 3 years.

Dr Reddys Mintop hair fall solution

Dr Reddys Mintop hair fall solution

What does it contain??

The ingredients used to manufacture MINTOP are not junky at all. They’ve used Minoxidil, alcohol to make this wonder solution.

To fasten up hair regrowth:

The general prescription for this Minoxidil Topical Solution would be twice a day, each time 1ml. Per day application shouldn’t exceed 2ml. It needs to be applied on SCALP only; applying it on HAIR may cause having a bit rough-sticky hair. This solution is evaporative and so it’s been suggested to use it immediately after picking out of bottle. Within a week you can feel its effects. For me, it started working in just 4 days, reducing hair fall and with continuous use, it helped me regrowing my hair and what I got now is thick, long hair with a very little hairball.

Dr Reddys Mintop hair fall solution

Dr Reddys Mintop hair fall solution


My take on this Product:

This is a product that worked really as boon not for me only but also for my mother. MAA was having a partial baldness for some medicinal reasons. Now she is also having thick healthy hair as a result of using Mintop 2%. Regular use of this product really results in almost No-Hair fall and a fast regrowth of hair. But the things to be kept in mind are,

  • Don’t apply it on open skin. Apply it only on the areas you want growth of natural hair
  • Consult your dermatologist before using it
    Dr Reddys Mintop hair fall solution

    Dr Reddys Mintop hair fall solution

Keeping all the pros and cons of this product, I’d like to give it a total hit with 10 out of 10. But beauties suffering from excessive hair fall might need to use some multi-vitamin and amino acid tablets with it. And one thing should always be kept in mind, use of market available products are not always enough to maintain the “beauty of a beauty”. Healthy diet with green vegetables, fruits and plenty of water are the real keys to maintain the glow of the beautiful you. So eat healthy, rest leave to the products to do their job, Stay Beautiful. 🙂


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  • Radhika


    some say when discontinued it gives hairfall…is it true? when to discontinue?

  • Tina

    heard a lot of good things about this product 😛

  • shushma

    nicely reviewed…

  • kruti

    Looking forward to try this…


    i am a man
    30 year..
    My head middle hair
    Tottaly damaged.
    And stop growth very badaly
    For best result can I used
    Mintop 10 %

  • shilpan dutta

    10% is for females????
    I am a male, and am using it….isn’t greater percentage of minoxidil better? 🙁

  • apoorva

    The reviews are based on personal opinion and experience of the author. We cannot recommend what percentage of the chemical would work for different readers since, the concentration would depend upon the exact severity of your problem. We make a humble request to consult your hair-specialist

  • Prince

    Mintop contains active ingredient named Minoxidil which is globally approved for hair loss treatment and sold against dermatologist Rx. It is available only in India with 3 strengths 2% 5% and 10% .