Dr Reddy’s Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion Review


Dr Reddy’s Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion Review

A big Hello to everyone going through our lovely skincare and makeup blog, at the moment. In winters, one skincare product that I cannot get enough of is body lotion as my skin tends to get dry and itchy during winters. The one that I am using these days is a medicated one and was recommended to me by my dermatologist. This one is from the labs of Dr Reddy’s.You will get it quite easily online and in pharmacies. I have been using the Dr Reddy’s Venusia max moisturizing lotion for almost two weeks now for hydrating my skin post bath. P.S this might not be suitable to be used on face.

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Dr Reddy's Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion

Dr Reddy’s Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion

Product Description:

This body lotion from the house of Dr Reddy’s labs and skincare range has been enriched with hydrating body butters that claim to moisturize your skin and heal up dry and dehydrated hands, feet and shoulders for a smoother texture.

It is an ideal product for daily usage that transforms dry and sensitive skin. This body lotion has an alluring fragrance & long-lasting formula.


Rs.430 for 300 grams

Dr Reddy's Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion

Dr Reddy’s Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion


Directions of use:

Apply this lotion in adequate amounts on damp skin after taking bath, twice a day. This product can be used by men, women and kids in summers as well as winters


The body moisturizer from Reddy’s comes in a bright white coloured, plastic bottle that has a pump. The bottle has details printed in a bottle Green coloured font over it. The pump type cap to dispense the product hygienically.

Dr Reddy's Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion

Dr Reddy’s Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion



The consistency of the lotion can be called as moderately thick textured. The lotion is deeply hydrating to skin and removes all signs of flakiness and also gets the itchiness under control. The fragrance is mild and pleasant.

Key ingredients:

Please refer to the image for detailed list of ingredients.

Dr Reddy's Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion

Dr Reddy’s Venusia Max Moisturizing Lotion

Pros of Dr Reddy’s Venusia max Moisturizing lotion:

  • This body lotion is specially formulated to be used on skin after bath so as to nourish nd hydrate it. It is medicated and has special butters incorporated in it’s formulation.
  • It can be used by kids as well as adults as the formula is gentle on skin.
  • It removes dryness completely.
  • It has special butters of cocoa, Mango, Shea and Aloe that revitalize your skin and soothes itchiness too.
  • The fragrance of venusia max is mild and it lingers on for a few minutes, post bath.
  • It leaves the skin looking healthy.
  • The price is affordable for the quantity provided.
  • One bottle easily lasts through a month for a single person.
  • It leaves no greasiness behind once, it gets absorbed into skin after rubbing.
  • It has been Dermatologically tested.

Cons of Dr Reddy’s Venusia max Moisturizing lotion:

  • This needs to be reapplied after 8 hours or so.

My experience with Dr Reddy’s Venusia max Moisturizing lotion:

Venusia max lotion is versatile in the sense that it can be used for all skin types and in all weathers. Even kids can use it since it is mild and medicated. The moisturizer is of a creamy texture and is white in colour. It spreads and absorbs easily into skin. It makes your skin appearing well nourished. It takes care of itchiness, flakiness and dryness quite well.



Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, I would like to recommend this to all in winters if, you do not like to use oils on your skin.


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