Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies


Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies

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All the back to the late 1980’s the world witnessed the dungaree dressing style of Mario with a unique red cap. Nintendo’s licensed worldwide known video game character Super Mario is quite famous for his superb dressing style since years. YES; the blue colored dungaree has often attracted many of us in our childhood. Especially the unique “M” hat (earlier it was a cap).

Hello everyone. If you have never heard of the dungaree dressing style, then I must say that you really lack the basics of fashion knowledge. This dressing style is one of the most comfortable dressing outfit, which is quite famous in the United States. One can say that indeed it does not require and introduction further.

Dungaree dresses are precisely designed outdoor clothes for a comfortable experience that lasts for a longer period of time.

The Evergreen Dungaree Fashion

Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies

Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies

Are you going out for a long trip or on a long ride on a bike with your boyfriend? Or going out for you daily work?

What do you want the most is comfort that lasts long? In that case you might grab a dungaree dress for yourself to experience a new level of comfort while you are out of your home.

About Dungarees

People often get mixed up between a dungaree and denim. The fabrics of both differ in many ways. Dungaree is actually a traditionally woven pre colored yarn. They are often referred as the blue denim.

Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies

Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies

The denim is the typically pre dyed wrap threads with traditional coloring agent like indigo. The weft threads are kept uncolored or white, which provides a typical blue color of the fabric.

Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies

Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies


My experience with Dungaree of different types

Now days, dungarees are typically made from denim. Recently I bought a dungaree from KOKO.KAT.

KOKO.KAT is well known for the Boutique fashion. KOKO.KAT mainly designs denim dungarees for women. I purchased the koko.kat double front work dungaree and I had to accept that it is quite durable as well as tough.

I was quite engaged in household works that used to involve water, dirt, grease and oil. Believe me the denim dungarees can with stand water, dirt as well as sticky grease. What I found most interesting about these dress, is the level of comfort during work.

Nevertheless, the dungarees are also an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe, who is pregnant. The dungarees are dresses with adjustable waistbands, which are made up of light stretchable material with a flattering cut.

Every kind of jeans may not suit to all body types. But the denim dungaree dresses are available in 5 different types that are precisely designed for different body shapes.

  1. Relaxed or Regular-Fit
  2. Skinny-Fit
  3. Loose-Fit
  4. Short or Skirt
  5. Maternity Dungarees
    Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies

    Dungaree Enhances Comfort For Ladies

You may try the most common type that is the flared one. I bought myself a flared style dungaree. These are loose fitting jeans that are designed to enhance the level of comfort. If you love dressing in the retro style, then get yourself a flared dungaree. These are the modern versions of the late 70’s belly bottom jeans.

You can buy dungarees from high-street shops or online as well.  KOKO.KAT has a rich assortment of these that can please even a choosy buyer like me.

Disclaimer- I am not associated with any brand…!!!


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