Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps


Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

Hello ladies!

I am back with yet another useful post for you all. Today I am going to help you by giving you tricks that you can use during ‘that time of the month’ to reduce the cramps.

Menstrual or period cramps are the pain that you get mostly in the abdomen or lower back while or before you are on your period. The pain may range from mild to severe. Menstrual cramps are normal for most of the ladies and it happens due to the contraction in the uterus. Periods already affect our mood and when it is accompanied by such cramps, God save the others. These cramps are as natural as chums and we cannot help it. But we sure can reduce the intensity of the pain. Here’s how…

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Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

I know this will be the last thing you want to do during menstrual period, but trust me exercising will make you feel lot fresher and better. Cutting out on exercise won’t do any good to the pain. Don’t take up intensive exercise but cardio like brisk walking, cycling, or any other mild physical activity will help you with the belly cramps.

Hot water bottles

Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps


Hot water bottles are a rubber like bag in which you can pour boiling hot water and apply it on any part of the body. The heat will help in relaxing the contracted muscle and gradually reduce the pain. You can also indulge yourself in a hot shower bath to feel relaxed and pain free and Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps.

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Distracting yourself

This is the easiest way to not feel the pain. Indulge yourself in any activity that demands your focus and concentration. Read a book, watch a movie, or socialize with your friends. Do anything that will distract your concentration from the continuous cramps in your body and Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps.

Drink tea

Decaffeinated tea can help you soothe and relax. Opt for either chamomile or ginger tea as they have anti-inflammatory properties that can ultimately get you rid of period pain and Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps.

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Stay away from alcohol and tobacco

Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

Drinking and smoking will only worsen your cramps as nicotine can cause increased tension and will narrow the blood vessels which ultimately increase the pain. Also alcohol is responsible for bloating and water retention. So avoid drinking and smoking while on your periods.


Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

The immense benefits of yoga are not unknown to us. Performing a few yoga asanas can actually help you with the killer cramps. Try the head-to-knee forward bend, or the noose and camel pose.

Aromatherapy massage

Book yourself an appointment for aromatherapy massage and pamper yourself when on your period cramps. Lavender oil massage can help you feel better and aid in reducing the cramps.

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Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps

Another commonly opted method for cure period cramps is consuming prescribed medicines. There is a lot of over-the-counter medicine available to cure period pain. But before resorting to any such medicines do consult your doctor if it is a safe option for you or not.

So these were the easy techniques that you can adopt when you face period cramps. I find the hot water bottle method to be the most effective along with performing yoga practices. So next time you are irritated with your menstrual cramps, do try this easy home remedies to feel better Easy ways to reduce menstrual cramps.

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