Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream Review


Make your Winter Safe with Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

Hello girls,

Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold cream contains adequate measurements of almond Oil and honey with aloe Vera to give you a charming skin and make it smooth, sound and sparkling regularly.

My friend is a scientist/researcher by calling and she need to do a great deal of work with pitiless chemicals in the lab. Presentation to cleansers and reagents leave her hands unpleasant and dry. I was also facing these problems, so my friend suggested me Eli Almonds and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream.

Prior I used to apply Garnier’s cold creams, yet two to three times, I thought that it was utilized up and laying out of my drawer. This sort of pissed me off as I am an extremely sorted out individual and I dislike individuals utilizing my things.

Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

Along these lines, I chose to keep the moisturizer of an alternate brand which may keep them far from utilizing it. I have officially utilized one item from Eli Company and Eli it a whole lot, so I picked this unified with conviction. Honey saturates the cold making it smooth, solid, firm and young. Almond oil ensures the cold from dryness and wrinkles.


Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

Pros of Eli Almonds and Honey Nourishing Cream:

  • Makes cold delicate and supple without adding oiliness to it.
  • Amazingly saturating, does not obstruct pores, and is suitable for all cold sorts.
  • Contains unadulterated home grown cold gainful add-ins like Wheat Germ oil, Aloe Vera gel,
  • Has a satisfying sweet smell that goes on for quite a while.
  • Keeps the cold saturated for quite a while.
  • Almond oil and Glycerin.
  • Totally modest and effectively accessible.
  • Hypo-hypersensitive item, recyclable bundling and no creature testing.
    Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

    Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream


Cons Eli Almonds & Honey Nourishing Cream:

  • The spout shape is awkward. Once shut, it gets to be so tight it would be impossible open. Likewise, a considerable measure of moisturizer turns out when the top opens with a bastard which prompts item wastage.
  • The item claims to be Immaculate Herbal however the add-in rundown says a ton of chemicals in it.

My Experience with Eli Almonds &Honey Nourishing Cold Cream:

Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

In the wake of attempting such a variety of clod creams in winters, I needed a change in my healthy cold items. Elli Almond and Honey feeding cold cream arrives in a tub bundling. The tub is hazy mango yellow splendid in color.

The top is screw sort and not flip lemon. In the wake of opening the top, one can see additional security and protection tend to the Eli Almond and Honey supporting cold cream by a silver color foil covering normally found in foreign made Nivea cream.

I typically don’t incline toward tub sort bundling of cream because of cleanliness issues, so I take out some cream in a little box and convey in my purse.

This body care product is terrific for my work space as I need to wash my hands regularly.  It profoundly saturates my cold and abandons it delicate for a genuinely long time. The moisturizer gets generally ingested into my palms, however never makes it dangerous.

It is totally non-oily and does not assemble grime to my palms and fingers.

Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

Eli Almond and Honey Nourishing Cold Cream

Elli Almond and Honey supporting cold cream gives no sticky feeling in winter however a huge no for summer season is. The cream is suitable for dry skin. Since, you don’t get a little tub, purchase the tub when the winters have recently begun and after that complete it off utilizing consistently for those crisp three months.

In summers, keep Eli Almond and Honey sustaining cold cream inside and afterward again it can be utilized as a part of stormy season.

My ratings

My rates are 8 out of 10 to this product. Bliss Almond and Honey Nourishing cold cream contains flawless mix of Almond Oil and Honey alongside Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to profoundly feed and ensure your cold from dryness and wrinkles. Hope you like my updates till my next update “Stay Stylish and Spicy”


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