Etude Fashion Makeup Kit Reviews


Etude Fashion Makeup Kit Reviews

Hello beautiful ladies here, today I’m going to review Etude Fashion makeup kit. This is a two layered kit which has 3 shades of foundation and thirteen different eye shades colour. It also has a sponge and two makeup brushes which are very small in size. One is eye makeup brush while the other is blush brush which is made out of natural hair. I enjoyed using this makeup kit, and want to explain the complete kit in detail. So let’s start the review and explore the makeup kit completely.

Etude Fashion Makeup Kit

Etude Fashion Makeup Kit

Product description

This is a complete makeup kit with different shades of eye makeup and also has three different shades of foundation which is suitable for any skin tone. You can choose the shade of foundation according to your skin tone. The eye shadow colours are more in pink and browns in shade. There are tiny golden sparkles and glitter elements which are present in all the shades and are clearly visible.

Direction to use.

Always rub few ice cubes before you apply the foundation. Take the eye makeup brush and select good combination of colours to be applied on your eye and near your cheeks. Start applying the foundation throughout the face in same direction.

Etude Fashion Makeup Kit

Etude Fashion Makeup Kit


Shelf life

3 years


250 INR


It is a heart shaped makeup kit which is golden in colour. There are few stars and moon designed on the box. When you open the kit, there are two separate sections. The first layer is of eye shadow colours which are total thirteen in colour and it opens towards the right hand side. The second layer consists of three type of foundation which opens to the left hand side. Now you have the bottom level which has a sponge and two makeup brushes which are used to apply foundation and eye shadows. It has an average packaging overall.


The texture is soft and light on application. You don’t feel you have exploded a bomb of makeup over your face. The colours are very light in shade and blends well with the skin. The Glitter present in the shades makes your face look more attractive and beautiful. The kit has a beautiful floral fragrance coming out of it

Etude Fashion Makeup Kit

Etude Fashion Makeup Kit

Key ingredients

Nothing is mentioned on the makeup kit

Pros of Etude fashion makeup kit

  • Good collection of shades of pink
  • Foundation for all skin tones
  • Travel friendly
  • Light on application
  • No allergies
  • 4-5 lasting power
  • Two makeup brushes and a sponge available.
  • Sweat resistance

Cons of Etude fashion makeup kit

  • Needed some blue shade eye colours
  • The brushes are too small
Etude fashion makeup kit

Etude fashion makeup kit

My experience with Etude fashion makeup kit

I happened to pick this product randomly just because the shop keeper kept insisted me for the product. I didn’t use the kit much, as I really don’t use much of makeup on my face due to my oily skin. Once in a blue moon, I just happened to use the makeup kit when I had a wedding to be attended. I was really tensed before because applying makeup usually leaves me with acne or allergies on face. Etude makeup kit is good and soft on skin. It doesn’t make my skin dry but keeps them well nourished. The shiny particles really make your skin look great and glowing every time. The makeup was not carried away by sweat and was comfortable for 4-5 hours which is more than enough for me.

Etude fashion makeup kit

Etude fashion makeup kit



Whether I recommend this product or not

You should buy Etude makeup product as it is a budget and skin friendly product.


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